Create a Morning Ritual for a Healthy Mind, Body, and Soul

How many of us actually follow a morning routine? I think for Generation X and Z, we have a hustle mindset and love being busy. Do you agree?

In recent years though, and especially with being in lockdown/quarantine, many of us have started to adopt a slower way of living.

It is really refreshing and I feel so much healthier because I have started to nourish my body with healthy foods. I have incorporated daily meditation for my mind. Lastly, I have begun listening to myself, my soul.

I find myself wasting my precious time in the morning on my phone too often. Quite frankly, routines have never been easy to follow. Until now.

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I have actually started to enjoy my morning ritual. I no longer feel drained or foggy in the morning and it is all because of a ritual that feeds my mind, body, and soul.

Why should you follow a morning ritual?

When you take care of you, everything else works itself out. You can’t tend to others, if you don’t tend to yourself first. Just like you can’t save others lives unless you first put on your oxygen mask.

A ritual doesn’t have to be complicated as you will see in the post. It really takes a small amount of your time in the morning to see the benefits of your ritual.


*Sleep around the same time consistently. This is going to help you feel refreshed and not groggy.

*Keep your phone away in another room preferably. Out of sight, out of mind. This way you won’t spend time on your phone.

*Keep curtains open to let sunshine in the morning. This has been so helpful for me to wake up earlier naturally without an alarm clock. Let the light wake you up!

My ritual

My morning ritual takes about 15 to 20 mins. I know that as a student I have more time now as school as ended.

  1. Wash my face with water
  2. Drink one glass of hot water
  3. Make chai
  4. Sit outside in the sunshine while drinking chai
  5. 5 minute morning yoga to stretch out body and get out of sleepy mode and ready to start the day
  6. Set 3 achievable goals for the day

Mind + Body + Soul = Your Morning Ritual

To make a ritual that is right for you and your lifestyle is key. It should feel natural and not forced. Remember that the time you make for yourself in the morning, enables you to carry out your responsibilities.

Ideas for your morning ritual


  • Meditate for 5-10 minutes
  • Journal thoughts, dreams, worries
  • Choose an intention for your day (examples: clam, productivity, focus)
  • Write down 3 realistic/achievable goals for the day
  • Reflect on the pervious day
  • Listen to music to uplift you
  • Gratitude list


  • Yoga
  • Quick stretches
  • Eat fruits for breakfast
  • Drink hot water to rehydrate
  • Skincare routine
  • Sit outside in the sunshine for Vitamin D
  • Take a brisk walk without your phone


When I say soul, I mean your inner self. The person you are when no one is around. If we constantly keep ignoring or denying our gut feelings, your soul is what gets affected. Along the lines of the saying “Be yourself”, you can incorporate small activities that YOU want to do. What feels right for you? Most often what feels right for others in their morning rituals is not going to always feel right for you.

For example, I love having my morning cup of chai. But “experts” would say that a filling breakfast is the best thing for a successful day. I listen to myself and act accordingly. I drink chai because it is what I want and I still have an amazing day. So for your soul, do one thing that feels right for you!

I hope you enjoyed reading! Tell me what you do in the mornings? Is it easy for you to follow a routine?

Thank you for reading and until next time don’t forget to stay Chic Neat and Sweet!

Sincerely, Aditi

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