Bored at home? 13 fun ways to chill and relax

So you have some free time. Ok, a little free time. Okay fine! A lot of free time! What should you do? Read below to find some fun things to do while in quarantine.

1. Make Dalgona coffee

Coffee lovers rejoice! If you aren’t aware of this new drink let me introduce you to your new best friend! Best way to describe it is it a glass of cold milk topped with whipped up coffee. It tastes so delicious and looks even better.

2. Make no-yeast pizza

Being in a lockdown is tough for people who love takeout AKA me, you and everyone else. It’s hard to deal with constant hunger pangs and cravings for chicken burgers, cheesy pizza, burritos, tacos and…oh man I’m sorry. I got you craving for fast food too!

I decided to take matters in my own hands and looked up a pizza recipe. It could have gone bad but thankfully it was simple to make! Also, very fun to knead the dough. It’s like a giant, sticky stress ball!

No yeast? No problem! I loved this recipe for two reasons: 1. I was hungry and 2. I had no yeast but wanted pizza in less than 30 mins.

Courtesy of, this pizza is great for a quick pizza dough! Get the recipe here.

3. Learn a dance on YouTube or TikTok

I mean you could learn a dance…it could be fun…you do need to lose some weight…after making that delicious no-yeast pizza…right?

4. Reach out to your friends for a virtual get together and have a meal over video call

This is something that I never would have thought of but due to the situation, it’s not a bad idea!

Step 1: Video call your friends.

Step 2: Find a recipe you all like and have the ingredients for.

Step 3: Cook it together.

Step 4: Eat your creation and chat away!

5. Go on Pinterest and create a vision board for the rest of 2020

Pinterest is filled with endless ideas from cooking, fashion, beauty, and travel. We are a third of the way over 2020! How are those goals holding up?

Maybe some things have changed or maybe you have new goals. Create a new board for the rest of 2020 because it is not too late!

6. Take a walk outside (while keeping distance from others) and try to notice new things you see on your walk.

Guys, physical exercise is so important but now more than ever. With most people working from home, it means long periods of sitting.

I definitely don’t do a full workout everyday, so taking a walk is a good way to keep moving.

7. Bake something from the Netflix show Nailed It! and see how good (or bad) your baking skills are!

Nailed It! is a show based on really bad home bakers baking really hard to make cakes and such. Basically makes you feel better about your own baking skills!

8. Vlog your day as if you had a YouTube channel and share with your friends

How fun would vlogging your typical day at home be?! Well, that’s your opinion…

9. Get your family together and play board games/cards

Things can get competitive so choose your game wisely.

10. Host a virtual fashion show and take turns showing off your fancy ‘work from home’ pajamas or actual outfits you’d wear for a occasion

Have you seen this weird trend on instagram where you wear a pillow as your clothes?? It’s weird.

11. Jump on your bed and have a pillow fight- if it’s okay with the people you are living with 🙂

12. Make a blanket fort in your living room and do everything in it

I remember when I was younger I would take over the living room and set up my fort with a few chairs, the couch and some blankets. I think we need to do things that bring out the inner child in us. Just let loose and be present.

13. Paint, color, sketch or draw

Yes. I drew that. You can too.

I know what you are thinking:

I’m not artsy.

I can’t draw.

I’m just not a creative person.

To that I say, just TRY IT. You seriously have to throw those self-doubts in the trash because they ain’t serving you girl/guy!

A great place to start is a coloring book. Either on an app or an actual one.

If you made it to the end of this post, wow! You must be really bored.

I’m kidding! Comment below how you’ve been using this extra time at home??

Thank you for reading and until next time don’t forget to stay Chic Neat and Sweet!

Sincerely, Aditi

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