When Change Hits Hard

Change. Sometimes it’s a good thing. Like changing seats if you sat next to a loud person. Or changing into comfy clothing after a long day of work. But other times, change brings your world down. That’s the unfortunate part. I wish we could control what changes and what doesn’t. Moving to another home, city or country is one of the most difficult changes. How … Continue reading When Change Hits Hard

Chic Essentials for Any Beauty Situation

Hey guys! There are many times when I haven’t been prepared and a beauty emergency is the worst thing to be unprepared for! For example, chapped lips is something most of us have to deal with so forgetting your lip balm can be frustrating. Which is why I put together a list of beauty essentials you would need for any situation. Now I know this is … Continue reading Chic Essentials for Any Beauty Situation

The Power of Your Mindset and How to Use It

Happy Monday! Recently, I’ve learned a lot about the power of the mind and how it affects the way we view life. Have you ever experienced a bad mood because of a rainy day but instead you thought, “No! I refuse to be cranky just because it’s pouring outside!” Congratulations! You just changed the way you viewed a rainy day and shifted your mood! That’s the power of your mindset!mindset SAD

Continue reading “The Power of Your Mindset and How to Use It”

Tips for the Uninspired: Find your Fire

Some days, you are super excited to start your week and get back to work. But, other days, you would rather stay in bed. I know this feeling quite well and it’s hard to fight it, but after a while, I noticed a feeling of emptiness. I didn’t like so somehow I found the strength to get up and get inspired! I wanted to feel excited and energetic again. If you have felt this way or are currently in this mood, keep reading for some tips to get you motivated and inspired to do something!uninspired.png Continue reading “Tips for the Uninspired: Find your Fire”

Money Saving Hacks

Hey everyone! Money or in other words, bucks, green stuff, moolah, cash is something that we can’t have enough of. So, when the budget is tight, we turn to ramen noodles for breakfast, lunch and dinner (or so I’ve heard…maybe that’s a bit too extreme!). To make life easier, I’ve gathered some of my favorite money saving hacks to keep me away from noodles all day, every day. Read on to learn more….money saving.png Continue reading “Money Saving Hacks”

The Best Part About Spring

Happy Monday! Thinks no one ever, lol! While Monday isn’t everyone’s favorite thing to get excited about, warm weather is! I can finally hear the birds chirping in the morning as I am getting ready! Which will probably annoy me soon enough, but for now it’s a sign of spring! Here are a few things I love about Spring and Summer!

  • The sun shining earlier in the morning. I’m always in a better mood if it’s bright and sunny outside, especially since I have to wake up at 6!
  • Warm nights. The feeling of the cool breeze is the best way to end the day.
  • Walks and bike rides.
  • Siting on my front porch and enjoying the sunlight.
  • Drinking ice cold lemonade. Mmm! SUMMER HURRY UP!  Continue reading “The Best Part About Spring”