Getting Into a Happy Mood

Happy Monday, everyone! Who’s excited for a great week ahead? Happiness is the topic of this weeks Sincerely, Aditi and Dani post. I figured we all need a reminder of the good and positive things and not to go on with life like a dead zombie with a cold cup of coffee! I also talk about things that may be bringing your mood down, so read on to learn some of the ways I get into a good, happy mood for a great start to my week!

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Yummy Baked Chicken Enchilada

Today, I present to you….Baked Chicken Enchilada! We used to make this recipe a lot. Thankfully we rediscovered it! The result is a cheesy and flavorful enchilada with a mild kick thanks to the sauce! Hope you enjoy! ~Ingredients~ Tortillas Cheese Green Pepper Corn Salsa Verde Black Beans Taco Sauce Cilantro Enchilada Sauce (Store bought) Chicken Cooked and Shredded These are just the toppings I … Continue reading Yummy Baked Chicken Enchilada

Defining Confidence

Confidence has a lot of definitions. Some say it is trust. Others say an emotion. I say confidence is invisible individual armor. When you think about confidence, how would you talk about it. You would use it to say whether someone was or was not confident. You might say ‘She walked into the room with such confidence, everyone stopped and stared’ or ‘She stood her … Continue reading Defining Confidence

Think Abundance, Not Lack

We’ve all heard the saying, “Be grateful for what you have.” Easier said than done, right! But I have noticed personally that being grateful for what I’ve got right now, makes me feel really happy and fulfilled with myself. There’s something about not wanting and just enjoying the way life is currently that changes your way of thinking.

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