Chic Essentials for Any Beauty Situation

Hey guys! There are many times when I haven’t been prepared and a beauty emergency is the worst thing to be unprepared for! For example, chapped lips is something most of us have to deal with so forgetting your lip balm can be frustrating. Which is why I put together a list of beauty essentials you would need for any situation. Now I know this is … Continue reading Chic Essentials for Any Beauty Situation

Simple ways to make your daily skincare routine luxurious

Hi everyone! Hope you all had an amazing Valentines Day! Now that you have shown love to others, it’s time to show some love to yourself! Sometimes, our daily skincare routine can be a little mundane and monotonous. If you feel like it’s time to mix it up and make me time more fun, read on to learn how! DIY Sugar Scrub – A great, … Continue reading Simple ways to make your daily skincare routine luxurious

Thirst Quenching Skincare Products

During winter I have always struggled with dry, dull and tired skin. It was always a back and forth between loading on the moisturizer and then having oily skin, or not moisturizing and have dry skin! After trying multiple products, I think I have found the perfect thirst quenching skincare products for your face. Peter Thomas Roth Cooling Cucumber Face Mask: This mask cools, relaxes … Continue reading Thirst Quenching Skincare Products

DIY Body Oil-Only 2 Ingredients!

Hey everyone! We are very excited to announce that after only 4 months since our blog has been launched, Chic Neat Sweet has reached 100+ followers!!! Thank you all so much for the support. We hope to keep growing and providing content for everyone to enjoy! Ok, now back to the post! Today, I’m going to share an easy diy body oil with essential oils. Read on to find out how!body oil Continue reading “DIY Body Oil-Only 2 Ingredients!”