Review: Makeup Revolution Shadow Palette Forever Flawless Optimum

Welcome back to Chic Neat and Sweet! Today is a review for a drugstore eyeshadow palette that has blown my mind! I will be sharing my thoughts on this drugstore product as well as a tutorial on a simple eye look using this palette.

Makeup Revolution Forever Flawless Shadow Palette in Optimum

First off the packaging is stunning. The case is made of tin so it is quite sturdy. The cover has a beautiful gray pattern and the word Revolution has raised letters. I think it makes the palette look more high end and doesn’t feel/look like the typical drugstore eye palette which I really liked.

Inside is a FULL sized mirror! This is a huge plus because it is so convenient when applying eye makeup. Another thing I really liked is that there are shimmer and matte shadows. 10 shimmer and 8 matte shadows.

Eye Shadow

The shadows are very pigmented. Like a lot. I loved that because the shadows also blend with each other really nicely. The matte shadows are soft and easy to blend but make sure to tap your brush once to avoid too much product in one area. As with any shadow there will be fallout meaning the shadow may fall on other places besides your eye. There is a some amount of fallout when applying the shadows. This isn’t a big deal to me but it is better to do your eye makeup before the face makeup. Even my LORAC palette which was $40 has fallout.

The shimmer shades are also great quality and apply beautifully. The shimmer shadows don’t have as much fallout and are soft/creamy when you apply them. I always use my finger vs a brush because you can precisely apply the shimmer.

Swatches of Capital, Energy, Own and Choice.

Swatches of Capital, Energy, Own and Choice.

The dark navy shade (Maximum) is a little hard to work with as it is not as soft or pigmented when swatching. But that is the only shade that was like that.

All the colors are so beautiful and I have created many eye looks from simple/day time to smoky eyes. I loved the colors because they are unique and I don’t have any like these. I mostly go for the warm toned palettes but this was still a great choice and I use most of the shadows too.


This palette is for $15.00 USD. I bought it at Ulta and used a coupon for $3.50 off a purchase of $15.00 or more. You get a sturdy case, a full sized mirror, and 18 shadows.

They have 7 more palettes with different colors and tones which you can see here on Ulta’s website. The palette I bought is not listed on Ulta’s website so here it is on Makeup Revolutions website.

Eye shadow tutorial using the palette

Step 1 – Apply “Capital” shade all over eyelid

Step 2 – Apply “Own” shade all over eyelid and crease. Make a winged effect and bring out the shadow to the corner.

Step 3 – Apply shimmer “Choice” shade to the outer corner and middle of the eyelid only.

Step 4 – Apply “Energy” shimmer to the inner eye and blend with the shade “Choice”

Step 5 – Use an angled eyeshadow brush to make a winged liner with the black shade “Onyx”. Start at the outer corner and angle upwards. Also line the eyes with that same shadow. Blend using a fluffy brush and that is the look!

I absolutely loved this palette and for the price I think is a great addition to my eyeshadow collection. Definitely check out the other palettes in the Forever Flawless collection because there are so many color options from cool tones to warm, neutral, and even rainbow!

Check out this review on another eye palette by Makeup Revolution for only $7!

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Thank you for reading and until next time don’t forget to stay Chic Neat and Sweet!

Sincerely, Aditi

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