Create Your Own Style Inspiration Board (With printables)

You know those days where you stare into your closet saying “I have nothing to wear!!” while looking at 20 tops, 11 pairs of pants, and 22 shoes. The problem is not owning anything, it’s not knowing how to pair items. That is what is so cool about fashion- One top can go with 5 pants, 2 jackets, and 3 pairs of shoes! Creating a … Continue reading Create Your Own Style Inspiration Board (With printables)

Back to School Prep (Free Calendar)

It is that time of year again, when summer starts winding down, you begin to see school supplies on shelves of stores, get emails from your school, and have to start preparing for another great year. But wait, you aren’t ready! You thought you had so much time to accomplish your goals, and be ready when school started back up, but you got busy and … Continue reading Back to School Prep (Free Calendar)

Back to school Make-up Routine (Plus Products Checklist)

August. The month whose special focus is all about…school! Whether you like it or not, this month is all about getting prepped for the upcoming school year. Since school is required, why not show up with a fresh you! This will surely impress your peers and teachers and shows that you have a great attitude towards school. Right? Fake it till ya make it peeps! Here’s a simple makeup tutorial (with a few options) to make you look wide awake for school!

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Productive Mornings (Printable Morning Routine)

     Many studies show that depending on your age, your preference on waking up early fluctuates, but if you are anything like me you dread the mornings! I was the stickler when it comes to setting my alarm an hour earlier, just so I could hit snooze five times!  Unfortunately though, I have school, appointments, and other commitments that cause me to get up early. Therefore I tried some different methods to help me get out of bed in the morning- and enjoy it! Here are my top 10 tricks/tips!

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