Spring Cleaning- All Areas Of Your Life

Even though the weather is being stubborn, and will not switch to sun and warmer temperatures, it is technically Spring! Which means it is time for Spring cleaning! Now typically when I think of Spring cleaning, I think of stripping the house and cleaning out nooks and crannies that don’t usually get touched. But today I am not sharing your usual Spring cleaning checklist, instead … Continue reading Spring Cleaning- All Areas Of Your Life

Back to school Make-up Routine (Plus Products Checklist)

August. The month whose special focus is all about…school! Whether you like it or not, this month is all about getting prepped for the upcoming school year. Since school is required, why not show up with a fresh you! This will surely impress your peers and teachers and shows that you have a great attitude towards school. Right? Fake it till ya make it peeps! Here’s a simple makeup tutorial (with a few options) to make you look wide awake for school!

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