Naan Pizza: Lunch under 30 minutes

Pizza is literally everyones favorite food! I know it is a popular choice for lunch whenever we don’t have a lot of time to spend cooking in the kitchen. Now especially with my parents working from home, I cook for my family more often. If I can make this, you can too! Trust me, itContinue reading “Naan Pizza: Lunch under 30 minutes”

Simple Tips for Better Brownies

Hey everyone! Personally, I feel like brownies are an instant pick me up! They just have a way of making you feel better; with one bite you are in brownie heaven! For this months sweet post, I decided to share some tips I tried out with store-bought brownie mix! Just a few changes and additions canContinue reading “Simple Tips for Better Brownies”

Energizing Almond Protein Powder

Hi everyone! I’m back with a recipe post. It’s been a while since the last one so I hope y’all are excited! This is a traditional sweet drink recipe from India called Badam Milk. Badam translates to Almonds in English. The procedure to make it requires blanched almonds and then grinding them into a fineContinue reading “Energizing Almond Protein Powder”