Realizations About Life in Quarantine

Who knew staying at home for an extended amount of time would bring about some realizations about life? For me, it has been three months of quarantine life since it first began back in March. Today I woke up to the news that a second wave of coronavirus has started in my city. Of course people what did you expect to happen! I know many people have been going out and about and for some time it felt that we could somehow get back with our “normal” way of life. It would have been great expect that precautions were ignored so now we will have to deal with the consequences.

Back to the topic for today though, I thought I would share some interesting things and realizations about life I have learned from these few months of staying at home.

#1 – People eat so much food…

Naan pizzas with pesto sauce, mozzarella cheese and veggies.

Like how many times a day do we have to eat! I am tired of doing the dishes multiple times a day just because everyone has to eat three times a day plus coffee cups and snack bowls and where do all the spoons go?!? Not to mention how much food we buy for a family each week! Like wouldn’t it be great if people needed to eat only once or twice a day? That would free up so much time and money lol. At the same time I love baking and cooking so this is just a thought I have while doing the dishes after all my cooking/baking.

#2 – The news is depressing

I can’t watch the news everyday I just can’t. There are so many terrifying headlines that makes me want to live under a rock. Just kidding, but seriously why isn’t more good news covered? What happens to all those people who got covid but then also recovered? Why not cover the good side of the story? I think many of us want to be informed of what’s going on but I swear I will develop wrinkles from my forehead being permanently tensed while watching the news.

#3 – Life is seriously a giant roller coaster

For everyone who graduated this year and have to find a job, it probably seems like you are at the bottom of the coaster. The good news is you will be climbing up the hill and soon will be at the top…eventually! I know it sucks, but if you accept that you can’t control when a pandemic happens you will feel much better. It would be so much easier if life was well easy. But since it isn’t, we can all learn to accept that there are things we can control and others things, such as murder hornets, that we cannot.

#4 – You need to try yoga

I don’t know if you have heard of yoga before but it like literally is my like favorite thing to do like ever. Haha, I know that it seems so basic but yoga is an ancient tradition that has been practiced for centuries! Way before the western world popularized it, countries such as India has been reaping the benefits for ages. So the next time you are feeling overwhelmed or tired or angry, search 10 minute yoga practices on YouTube and just do it. You will feel 10 times better.

Yoga for me is one part of my self care routine. Like drinking water every morning, it became a habit that I can’t live without. Quarantine showed me how much I have ignored my body and posture. Being healthy is now my top priority and I learned to put my health and wellbeing at the top of my mind daily.

#5 – Why did I just buy more makeup and skincare that I don’t need?

Story of my life. I see an aesthetic product with the word “glow” and I am instantly adding it to my cart. It’s so hard to not buy a product that is getting so much hype because I mean who doesn’t want to look amazing (for when we come out of quarantine). With social media and influencers raving about a new skincare product every week, it is almost overwhelming to keep up! I have learned to use what I have and not watch too many YouTube haul videos. I think I have done pretty good with not buying too many things. Before quarantine, I would buy new products every month just because it looked nice or was on sale.

I know these “realizations about life” are not life changing. Just some silly things that came out from my experience of being in quarantine. What funny, weird, or interesting things have you realized?

Thank you for reading and until next time don’t forget to stay Chic Neat and Sweet!

Sincerely, Aditi


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Hi CNS readers! I'm Aditi! Blogging is a really fun way for me to share my ideas and tips to you guys! I'm the type of person who spends hours scrolling through Pinterest. Beauty, food, and lifestyle are my favorite things to talk about!

5 thoughts on “Realizations About Life in Quarantine

  1. I super agree with everything! Though I don’t wash the dishes, I could really notice how people eat so much (also because of their IG and Facebook stories). And yes with the yoga! I haven’t really tried doing the exact yoga but I’ve been trying out meditation practices and the pranayama. Love this post!! ❤️

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