Only $10 Sephora Favorites Hello! Beauty Icons Set

I came across this on Sephora’s website and blinked a few times to see if I read the price right. After analyzing it for a good 10 minutes, I added it to my cart. If you can, I would add it to your cart right away! Let me show you what you get! Oh also,Continue reading “Only $10 Sephora Favorites Hello! Beauty Icons Set”

Top Picks for Sephora Makeup and Skincare Gift Sets

Happy November! When I saw that Ulta and Sephora had their cute holiday makeup sets out it hit me that the holidays are fast approaching! But which ones are really worth the price? Are they any good? Should you really spend $60+ on a Sephora favorites set?? Here are my top picks for makeup giftContinue reading “Top Picks for Sephora Makeup and Skincare Gift Sets”