Bored at home? 13 fun ways to chill and relax

So you have some free time. Ok, a little free time. Okay fine! A lot of free time! What should you do? Read below to find some fun things to do while in quarantine.

1. Make Dalgona coffee

Coffee lovers rejoice! If you aren’t aware of this new drink let me introduce you to your new best friend! Best way to describe it is it a glass of cold milk topped with whipped up coffee. It tastes so delicious and looks even better.

2. Make no-yeast pizza

Being in a lockdown is tough for people who love takeout AKA me, you and everyone else. It’s hard to deal with constant hunger pangs and cravings for chicken burgers, cheesy pizza, burritos, tacos and…oh man I’m sorry. I got you craving for fast food too!

I decided to take matters in my own hands and looked up a pizza recipe. It could have gone bad but thankfully it was simple to make! Also, very fun to knead the dough. It’s like a giant, sticky stress ball!

No yeast? No problem! I loved this recipe for two reasons: 1. I was hungry and 2. I had no yeast but wanted pizza in less than 30 mins.

Courtesy of, this pizza is great for a quick pizza dough! Get the recipe here.

3. Learn a dance on YouTube or TikTok

I mean you could learn a dance…it could be fun…you do need to lose some weight…after making that delicious no-yeast pizza…right?

4. Reach out to your friends for a virtual get together and have a meal over video call

This is something that I never would have thought of but due to the situation, it’s not a bad idea!

Step 1: Video call your friends.

Step 2: Find a recipe you all like and have the ingredients for.

Step 3: Cook it together.

Step 4: Eat your creation and chat away!

5. Go on Pinterest and create a vision board for the rest of 2020

Pinterest is filled with endless ideas from cooking, fashion, beauty, and travel. We are a third of the way over 2020! How are those goals holding up?

Maybe some things have changed or maybe you have new goals. Create a new board for the rest of 2020 because it is not too late!

6. Take a walk outside (while keeping distance from others) and try to notice new things you see on your walk.

Guys, physical exercise is so important but now more than ever. With most people working from home, it means long periods of sitting.

I definitely don’t do a full workout everyday, so taking a walk is a good way to keep moving.

7. Bake something from the Netflix show Nailed It! and see how good (or bad) your baking skills are!

Nailed It! is a show based on really bad home bakers baking really hard to make cakes and such. Basically makes you feel better about your own baking skills!

8. Vlog your day as if you had a YouTube channel and share with your friends

How fun would vlogging your typical day at home be?! Well, that’s your opinion…

9. Get your family together and play board games/cards

Things can get competitive so choose your game wisely.

10. Host a virtual fashion show and take turns showing off your fancy ‘work from home’ pajamas or actual outfits you’d wear for a occasion

Have you seen this weird trend on instagram where you wear a pillow as your clothes?? It’s weird.

11. Jump on your bed and have a pillow fight- if it’s okay with the people you are living with 🙂

12. Make a blanket fort in your living room and do everything in it

I remember when I was younger I would take over the living room and set up my fort with a few chairs, the couch and some blankets. I think we need to do things that bring out the inner child in us. Just let loose and be present.

13. Paint, color, sketch or draw

Yes. I drew that. You can too.

I know what you are thinking:

I’m not artsy.

I can’t draw.

I’m just not a creative person.

To that I say, just TRY IT. You seriously have to throw those self-doubts in the trash because they ain’t serving you girl/guy!

A great place to start is a coloring book. Either on an app or an actual one.

If you made it to the end of this post, wow! You must be really bored.

I’m kidding! Comment below how you’ve been using this extra time at home??

Thank you for reading and until next time don’t forget to stay Chic Neat and Sweet!

♡, Aditi

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Feeling anxious? Here’s your solution

We are dealing with tough times right now in the world. With constant new updates in the news about the pandemic, it’s hard not to panic or worry. On social media there is a lot of fear and uncertainty. This pandemic is affecting everyone so I hope you all are safe. I hope you can use these solutions to help ease your uneasy feelings.

Write out your thoughts

This exercise is super simple in helping to clear your mind. All you need is: plain paper and your favorite pen. Now, dump all your thoughts and feelings in this paper. No filters, no judgement. Just pour out all your thoughts.

Limit social media use

This is the best way to stop feeling anxious. Try to only check the news once a day. As well as any social media apps that you use to get news.

Spend at least an hour outside

I take daily walks in the morning and evening 30 minutes each. This has helped my mood greatly. If the weather is not ideal where you live, let in as much sunlight and open the windows to let in fresh air.

Move your body

Find a way to just move your body! Dance, run, walk, yoga flow, or hardcore pilates. Whatever makes you feel good. There are countless YouTube channels for working out.

Here are my favorites: Yoga With Adriene (YouTube), Blogilates (YouTube), Zumba (YouTube), FitOn (app), and Nike training (app).


Reach out to friends

If you have a main squad or a few bros, call them up and video chat. This way you can still be social and in touch with your people. I personally have been feeling a little lonely and yes it’s hard. But let’s remember that we are healthy, safe, and have a beautiful life to look forward to. Many of the things we complain about are (unfortunately) first world problems and not as dramatic as we make them out to be.

I hope you found these tips useful. Anxiety can happen to anyone. Chances are you’ve dealt with anxiety before. Remember, what’s happening today isn’t going to last forever! Let your mind know that this is going to pass and life will resume. Let’s follow the guidelines to stay safe by the CDC and in the future we can tell our grandchildren about The Great Pandemic which we survived!

Thank you for reading! Until next time, don’t forget to stay Chic Neat and Sweet!

♡, Aditi

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10 Style Tips to Elevate your Look

Hey there! I’m here with some style tips to help wake up your sleepy fashionista from the long, cold winter. This spring I hope you can use these tips to start the season in style.

Determine your undertone

Your undertone helps to decide what colors look best with your skin tone. If you have green veins, dark hair, and skin that tans easily in the sun, you most likely have a warm undertone. If you have blue/purple veins, light skin, burn in the sun, you have a cool undertone. Use this chart to see which colors look best for warm or cool skin tones!

Pick your shoes first

This is helpful to pick out your outfits faster. If you choose sneakers, you can choose the pants that work with sneakers and then coordinate your top with the pants!

Wear your hair up

I think a simple ponytail is a great way to show off your outfit. To spruce up my ponytail, I like to use bright, colorful scrunchies.

Add a blazer

Work chic is such an innovative way to wear your work clothes outside of the office! I love how a simple blazer can change up an outfit.

Choose a focus

A bright colored blazer on a black outfit, big hoop earrings, or a big handbag are all great ways to choose a focus piece and call attention to your outfit.

Wear bright colors

Yellow T-Shirt from H&M

I love my neutrals like the girl next door, but try wearing a yellow shirt for a change! It definitely makes your day brighter.

Tie/twist your shirt

A simple knot at the center of a shirt adds a certain effortless look to your outfit. This yellow tee is from H&M!


I know some people love wearing jewelry, but if it’s not something you wear often, try a statement necklace or earrings! I love the selection of earrings and necklaces at H&M. Very affordable and stylish.

Gold necklace and hoop earrings from H&M

One color outfit

I’m in love with this style because of the simplicity. Choosing one color for your outfit can help draw attention to your style and stand out. Check out this Pinterest board for tons of inspiration on monochromatic outfits.

Mini Backpack

GUESS mini backpack

How cute are mini backpacks!? I love the backpack trend because you can fit so much more stuff than a traditional purse. Plus, you don’t have to worry about carrying your purse!

Thank you for reading and until next time don’t forget to stay Chic Neat and Sweet!

♡, Aditi

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I hope you guys like this little exercise and have fun with it! The one thing you should remember is that setting goals is supposed to be motivational for you! Don’t let it be a drag and think like you “have to do it”. The point of setting goals is to help you adopt habits and guide you along your path! So, don’t get caught up with trying to find the perfect goal! Just get started and everything will follow.

Thank you for reading and until next time don’t forget to stay Chic Neat and Sweet!

♡, Aditi

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Lessons I’ve Learned in 2019 and Goals for 2020

2019 went by in the blink of an eye and I wish it had enjoyed it a bit more. It may have gone by so quickly because of all the changes that have happened. Between all the hubba bubba of moving from the middle of the country to actually moving to sunny Texas, I find myself gasping for air in a way!

Year in review:

#1 – Change sucks, but it gets better.

Moving to a completely new place was a hard time for me at first. I was extremely home sick and felt so lonely. Especially as a senior in high school (read: opposite of heaven), I couldn’t wait to go home after school. I had always been surrounded with friends so eating lunch alone was a new experience for me and it seriously sucked. That was in August though and I can tell you that I have moved on from being home sick. It took time of course, so don’t worry it gets better.

#2 – Don’t depend on other people.

Oh boy, wasn’t this one a hard lesson for me to learn. Yes, yes it was. I think we all know the feeling of being attached to say a new love and suddenly you are ghosted. Poof, he or she is gone. It’s something like this which makes you toughen up and wear black all week. I learned that I easily become overly loyal.

#3 – Swallow your fears and make friends.

Swallow your fears and make friends…even though you may not end up liking them. Or even if they ghost you. Making new friends sends shivers down my spine but hey you can’t expect everything to be given to you on a silver platter. I learned that sometimes I have to make the first move and talk to others even if I get rejected. If you don’t ask, the answer will always be no. I even made three new friends this way! If I can do it, so can you.

  1. Adopt a new morning routine
  2. Live fearlessly
  3. Be open minded
  4. Make my bed every morning
  5. Focus on the future
  6. Apply for many internships
  7. Go to bed early and wake up early
  8. Conquer being lazy and get things done!

This list is going to get bigger as the year goes on but for now, I think that is more than enough for me! What are your goals for the year? Please share and I would love to hear from you all! Thank you for reading.

As always, don’t forget to stay Chic Neat and Sweet!

♡, Aditi

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