10 Self-Care Ideas to do During the Holidays

Hi everyone! Can you believe there is only 4 days until Christmas!? I am so very excited!! I honestly don’t want it to end so quickly 😦 but no worries, I will enjoy it to the fullest! Today is the last day of school before break, thank goodness. I am so ready to sleep in and enjoy my well deserved break! Which is why I wanted to share with y’all my list of self care ideas!self care

  1. Feeling cluttered? Me too. And it’s probably because my room is so messy! Take 10-15 minutes to tidy up your work area, room, fold laundry, etc. Basically any tasks you have been putting off.  Just do it, you can thank me later.
  2. Deep Breathing. This is a great stress reliever and clears your mind. I do it all the time whenever I get overwhelmed during break about all the future tests I have coming up.
  3. Have a healthy snack. Some great options are avocado toast, trail mix, and green tea. When you eat right, you are doing good for your health!
  4. Enjoy alone time with your favorite relaxation activities.
  5. Pamper yourself with comfy clothing, watching feel good/comedy movies, and a warm bath to top it off!
  6. Bring out your inner Picasso. Everyone has some form of creative talent weather it be painting, sketching, doodling or just coloring! Coloring is one of my favorite things to do because I feel so different afterwards for some reason! It is just so relaxing and makes me feel good.
  7. Now, I know I said to eat a healthy snack earlier, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your favorite pastries, chocolate or cookies! Tis the season for eating after all! Check out Dani’s post on how to make a delicious Coffee Peppermint Float!8471bcd0-d721-4b58-be1a-6796d440bf5d
  8. Wake up/go to sleep at reasonable times! Sleep directly affects your appearance and mood. Take care of yourself by resting a good 8 hours this holiday break!
  9. Look at your old pictures and memories!
  10. Journal. Write down everyday thoughts or experiences from time to time. If you do this for a while and look back at what you’ve wrote, you may notice some differences in your tone of writing or how your thoughts may have changed!

    I hope you guys liked these ideas! I know I am going to do them because it is necessary for us to take a break from our busy, hectic lives and wind down once in a while. We are only humans, after all! Thanks for reading and I’ll see you soon!

As always, stay Chic Neat and Sweet!




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