10 Self-Care Ideas to do During the Holidays

Hi everyone! Can you believe there is only 4 days until Christmas!? I am so very excited!! I honestly don’t want it to end so quickly 😦 but no worries, I will enjoy it to the fullest! Today is the last day of school before break, thank goodness. I am so ready to sleep inContinue reading “10 Self-Care Ideas to do During the Holidays”

Finish 2017 Like a Boss

Hi guys! In case you didn’t notice, 2018 IS AROUND THE CORNER! I thought of some ways to keep winning at this game of life we seem to be playing. So who’s with me to finish this year off like a boss?!  Here’s a few small changes you can make that turn into healthy habits: Continue reading “Finish 2017 Like a Boss”

DIY Body Oil-Only 2 Ingredients!

Hey everyone! We are very excited to announce that after only 4 months since our blog has been launched, Chic Neat Sweet has reached 100+ followers!!! Thank you all so much for the support. We hope to keep growing and providing content for everyone to enjoy! Ok, now back to the post! Today, I’m goingContinue reading “DIY Body Oil-Only 2 Ingredients!”