Holiday Makeup Tutorial

Hi, everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve done a makeup related post, so this will be refreshing! Since it is the season for holiday parties, I have created this simple, but gorgeous make-up look. Hope you enjoy!holiday makeup

  • Prep! Start by priming your skin and eyelids.


  • Foundation and Concealer. I also use a beauty sponge to make sure the foundation and concealer look nice and blended into the skin.


  • Set with powder. Try not to go heavy with powder to make the skin look natural. Then apply blush and contour/bronzer to warm up the face. My favorite brushes for this are the Real Techniques brushes.


  • Next the eye makeup! I used my favortie pallete of all time, Lorac Unzipped


  • Using a fluffy crease brush, lightly tap into a brown shadow and slowly build up the color intensity as you go.


  • Go back and forth with your brush and make sure to hold it towards the end for a better blended shadow. *Tip!* To find your natural crease, hold a mirror at chin length and tilt your head up while looking down at the mirror.  Where the skin folds is where you should place the color!


  • Next, using a more stiff and smaller brush, apply a darker color into the outer corner of the eye and work some of the shadow towards the middle.


  • Be careful to work in small amounts and don’t apply too much pressure or the darker shadow will stand out too much! Then blend it out into the brown eyeshadow with the same brush from before.

This is what it should look like. You can see how nicely blended it looks.


  • Finally, I used a nice light pink/brown shimmery shadow for the center of the eyelid. *Tip* Using your finger for shimmer shadows works way better than a brush. Or for added intensity, wet the flat brush and then dip into the shadow and apply.

Lastly, finish with mascara.

IMG_2527 2.jpg

I used a natual looking lip color for this look as it is my preference, but any lipstick color will look great because the eye look is so natural!

And don’t forget to set the makeup with a finishing spray!IMG_2525 2

Also, thanks to my sister for being my model in this tutorial! Comment if you would like to see more tutorials in the future! Maybe I will make a video for the next one.

Stay Chic Neat and Sweet!



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