Recovering from Lazy-itis and Getting Motivated

What’s up! I hope you have been living and loving life! This post is all about coming back from a lazy, dull sort of mindset. Honestly speaking, I haven’t been motivated this month at all. It took me three days to get my butt on the chair and start blogging something again! Three days! Gosh, I am a little ashamed tbh. Trust me, I love blogging! But as you may be aware if you yourself are a blogger, it can be difficult some days. Since I’m out for summer break, it is easier to just sleep in and chill the whole day. Weirdly though, it makes me even more tired and drained. So, here are all the things I did to get unstuck and be a productive human being!


  1. One thing I did to recover from Lazy-itis and get back on track, was pulling out my planner. It will make you feel better just by seeing where you are at now. Write down future plans or appointments.
  2. Set daily goals!It doesn’t have to be detailed or a page long! Start out with 3 very simple tasks that you need to get done and check em off! Ahh, so satisfying! For me, I wrote down: laundry, make bed, and eat healthy food. Once you feel like you’re in the swing of things, add more and more.
  3. Hang out with close friends! Just being around your friends always makes you feel better instantly! Maybe ask them about their goals or plans and see if you can tag along!
  4. Reading!If you are feeling lazy, why not get comfy and read something inspiring! Boom, a two in one baby! The Secret by Rhonda Byrne is the most uplifting and inspiring book I’ve ever read. If you feel like you are in a rut and life seems to be boring, read The Secret. It honestly changed my view on life completely.
  5. Listen to music and clean your space!Spotify is the bomb when it comes to amazing playlists. They have everything from Spa music to Uplifting songs. The best thing I did during my lazy days was to clean my room while jamming out to some bops!
  6. What really worked for me was making myself my favorite drink and enjoying it! Coffee or tea usually has caffeine in it so try out a drink to help kick-start your energy!

I know you won’t be stuck in the hole of laziness forever! You have the power to take control of your day! Ask yourself what makes you happy and do it!

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Sincerely, Aditi


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