How to Survive Finals

Hey guys! So recently, teachers have been talking about finals and midterms coming up in 2 weeks! I can’t believe it! It feels like school just started a month ago. But then reality hits ya and you realize that maybe you are a bit screwed? Yikes! DON’T PANIC! Read on to see how you can survive midterms/finals…

  1. Gather all your notes from each subject– Hopefully, you’ve kept your notes and packets from previous assignments. Go through them and other projects to refresh your memory.
  2. Evaluate which classes you aren’t doing so great in– Spend more time with what you need to do. Try to be efficient.
  3. Talk to your teachers one or two weeks before- That way, you can get extra help and practice materials/study guides to review. Also, ask what’s going to be on the test! Be in the know now so regret doesn’t have to bite you later!
  4. Study groups can help! Know other students who aren’t doing so hot? Form a study group with them! Or, add everyone to a group chat so you can help each other out on assignments or review questions!
  5. Make flashcards– Do anything that helps you to remember the content. Quizlet is a great site to do this. You enter the information you need to study, and then you can practice with games and quizzes to help.
  6. Don’t got time? Then make time! Read How to make things work with a busy schedule to see what I mean.

If you are feeling stressed, then you should address it. Stress is just going to add on more to your plate. You need to focus on doing what you can now, so you can feel proud of yourself later! Check out my post about stress for in-depth tips. You can do this!

As always, Stay Chic, Neat and Sweet! Good luck!



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