How to Make Things Work with a Busy Schedule. 

Since school has started, I’ve been super busy with extra curriculars and homework. I’m not going to lie, it stinks. But I’ve learned how to juggle my activities, social life and still have time to be with my family.  S.A. Busy Schedule

After school, I have Soccer on Mondays and Thursdays, Extra curricular on Tuesday, Volunteer club on Wednesday, plus Debate team meetings on Tuesday and Thursday!

Pretty busy! To top it off, I have to fit in studying time for the PSAT in October. So what is my secret for being able to have time for alll this? I MAKE TIME FOR IT. In the beginning, you may have to make some sacrifices (like limiting phone time) but you need to keep the end in mind. If you are determined, then it won’t seem hard!

  1. Use a weekly calendar. First write down the things going on in your life, then you can easily see when you have time for school/work. This is more effective then cramming everything in one day and try to make it all happen. Chances are, you won’t complete much.S.A. Busy Schedule
  2. Keep due dates in mind. Writing down deadlines for the week helps you see the clearer picture and keeps you on track towards what is important
  3. Keep a list of daily goals that are achievable. Break down your big goal into smaller sections. This way, you know what you need to do in order to complete it!
  4. Ask yourself: “Do I really need to…?” Do you really need to do x,y and z all before 5pm? PRIORITIZE! If you have a German quiz next Monday, you probably shouldn’t plan a girl’s night out on Sunday.
  5. Don’t overbook yourself. Everyday of the week I have an activity after school. Except for Friday’s. That leaves me about an hour to do homework and any other things that need time to be done. I have basically overbooked myself. But I also wanted to be involved with extra activities. So I need to MAKE time! This is why I decided to take out an activity so I could fit in time for extra studying.
  6.  Take advantage of free time. Don’t feel like you need to spend your weekends studying too! If you have free time, look over your accomplishments and acknowledge what you did! Meditate to make sure you feel calm and relaxed. If you aren’t feeling good about yourself or you are constantly thinking about work, it’s a clear sign that you are working yourself too hard. Remove the cause of the stress and take it slow.

Thanks for reading this post! If you found these tips useful, let me know in the comments below!




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