What To Do To Become You

Confusing title isn’t it? What I mean to say is, are you really you? Or are you someone else’s version of you?

what to do to become you
Think about the people in your life. Family, friends, co-workers, acquaintances. In most cases, the people we hang around with is because we have the same things in common or enjoy their company. But other times, it’s because we want to become more like them, which is why we be around them more. This can lead to losing your true self. Have you ever realized you don’t exactly agree with your friends actions, but go along because, well they’re your friends! Then another thing you don’t agree with happens, but since nothing wrong happened last time, you don’t say anything? Over time, this snowballs and you do whatever the people you are around do.

This can really hurt you. Why do something when it goes against your morals or values? You need to learn to know who you are.

WHO ARE YOU?  You? Or your family, friends, co-workers, acquaintances version of you?

So, what should you do to be more like you? Well, ask yourself. Is there anything I have changed about me recently? Do I wear what my friends all wear? Do I talk like them? Have their interests and hobbies suddenly become mine?

You know, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t be like your friends. All I think is that you shouldn’t lose yourself in the process. You attract people based on how you behave. If you once faked about being into rock bands, your friend group is probably consisted of like-minded people. But you can’t tell them that you were never into rock bands now, because then they will think you were lying. (Which partly is true, right?) That’s why it is so important to BE YOURSELF.

If you did notice these differences in you, it opens a whole new way of thinking. Now you start to wonder…what do I really like to do? What gets me excited? Who is important to me? Who am I?

Try spending time alone. Doing different activities or finding people who you can relate to for real! Forget about what others think. You are what you want to be.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this! If you have tips on how to be yourself, be sure to comment!




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5 thoughts on “What To Do To Become You

  1. Such a lovely post! It’s truly genuine. I sometimes look at human relations from this perspective of a person becoming too much like the other person – in worst cases it can lead to losing her true self but in other cases it can mean growing and discovering new paths of living. I recently started my lifestyle blog and I wrote a post on things I’ve learnt in my life so far and it would mean a lot if you could leave me a comment with your opinion. It would be great to follow each other’s updates ❤ Just followed you https://missandrada.com/2017/10/16/10-things-ive-learnt-by-the-time-ive-turned-22/

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