How to Boost your Energy

Happy Monday!

Doesn’t it always seem that the first part of the week is slow, mundane and tiring? I couldn’t stay awake during school and when I finally got home, I felt tired and my energy was drained. Why does this seem to happen? Even when I sleep well I feel low on energy as soon as the afternoon comes. I did some research to find out what I can do to help boost my energy.

5 ways to get through the week with energy

  1. Quick walk. photo of women walking down the streetIt’s true, exercise stimulates your brain and body. A quick walk and fresh air may be the thing you need to boost your energy.
  2. Upbeat music. I always listen to music when I am doing boring or tiring tasks like vacuuming or homework! Make a playlist with all your favorite upbeat songs so you can feel energetic.
  3. Socialize. Have you ever noticed that talking to a friend or coworker seems to make you feel better? Take a few minutes and chat with someone to elevate your mood.
  4. EatProcessed with VSCO with m5 presetStudies have shown that food that has nutrients and protein are energy level boosters. Apples, bananas, eggs, yogurt and oatmeal are great options for a snack that will give your body the energy it needs. Of course, there is also coffee which has caffeine to help the afternoon z’s stay away. Check out this smoothie bowl recipe for a yummy snack!
  5. Stretching. Take a quick 5 minute break and stretch your neck, stand up and reach for your toes and back up to the sky, or roll your ankles and wrists. This really helps your blood to circulate and can refresh your brain too.

That’s all from me today. I hope you enjoyed these tips to boost your energy. Let me know what you do when you feel low on energy?

Until next time, stay Chic Neat and Sweet! ♡,  Aditi

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