The Power of Your Mindset and How to Use It

Happy Monday! Recently, I’ve learned a lot about the power of the mind and how it affects the way we view life. Have you ever experienced a bad mood because of a rainy day but instead you thought, “No! I refuse to be cranky just because it’s pouring outside!” Congratulations! You just changed the way you viewed a rainy day and shifted your mood! That’s the power of your mindset!

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The official definition of Mindset according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary is: a mental attitude or inclination. 

So, here’s a question: Do you view a glass of water as half-full or half-empty? Technically, there is no right answer, but it’s one way to test your mindset.

Your mental attitude (mindset) literally affects everything. Everyday when you get up, what do you usually think? “Aw man, why do I have to wake up so early everyday? Work is so boring!”  Or do you think, “I’m so sleepy! But hey, I’ve got a lunch date with my friends to look forward to!”

Life is much more enjoyable with a positive mindset. Why spend precious time and mental energy complaining?

How can I switch my mindset?

Here’s one thing we all dread: Mornings. I know I do. Now, I’m not going to make you become a morning person, but here’s some ways to make your morning enjoyable just by switching your mindset! 

  • Right when you get up, smile to yourself and say something good like, “It’s such a great day!”
  • Set your intention for the day. How is the day going to play out? What will you accomplish?
  • Make time for yourself. Be sure to think about the good in the day and how you feel!
  • Notice anytime you feel down or negative about something. Then, switch your feelings by redirecting yourself to change your mental attitude!

I have a lot more tips to share about making mornings enjoyable, so look forward to that post!

Remember, the life you are living in now is the result of your attitude everyday.

Thanks for reading! I hope you all have a great week! Keep spreading the good vibes!




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