Chic Essentials for Any Beauty Situation

Hey guys! There are many times when I haven’t been prepared and a beauty emergency is the worst thing to be unprepared for! For example, chapped lips is something most of us have to deal with so forgetting your lip balm can be frustrating. Which is why I put together a list of beauty essentials you would need for any situation. Now I know this is a long list and you probably won’t need it all…but these are all things that could be useful if you are ever in a beauty jam!chic

In my beauty bag, these are the 5 things I must have:

  • Hair clips
  • Lint roller
  • Lotion
  • Some type of lip product
  • Mini mirrorIMG_3435

Convenience wise, it’s very beneficial to have some sort of bag or pouch to put all this in and then stuff it in your backpack or purse.

Here’s a list of all the essentials. You can build your own list depending on your needs. For example, my hair can be a little crazy sometimes, so I’m always glad that I have backup hair ties just in case!IMG_3434 2

  • Face wipes
  • Bobby pins
  • Hair clips
  • Hair ties
  • Blotting paper
  • Lotion
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Lip gloss/balm/stick
  • Lint roller (very useful!)
  • Mascara
  • Deodorant or fragrance (you never know!)
  • Compact/mini mirror
  • Safety pins
  • Extra jewelry (earrings, necklace)
  • Concealer or face powder
  • Hairbrush
  • Hair product (gel, hairspray)

If there ever is a beauty emergency, you know there is no need to worry because you are prepared now! Hopefully, you won’t need all these things, lol! Thanks for reading!

As always, don’t forget to stay Chic Neat and Sweet! 




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Hi CNS readers! I'm Aditi! Blogging is a really fun way for me to share my ideas and tips to you guys! I'm the type of person who spends hours scrolling through Pinterest. Beauty, food, and lifestyle are my favorite things to talk about!

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