Life Changing Apps for a Better you!

Welcome back! Today is all about apps that can help you! Recently, I have been into self-care and improvement. It’s hard not knowing what to do in every situation which can cause stress sometimes!apps.png

To help with that, I found some useful apps that can make daily life a little easier! Some apps I use to organize and plan or relax and meditate. Read on to learn all about them!

  • Fabulous

This is the first app I downloaded and I love it! Fabulous is amazing to help you keep a habit and stick to it! You start off with small habits, such as drinking water, eating breakfast and exercising. The goal of the app is to help improve your life by making small changes everyday which will lead to a healthier and happier you!IMG_2962.jpg

  • Affirmation Reminder App

The point of affirmations are to engrave a positive view of yourself and believing in it which over time will become your mindset! You can type in a couple of affirmations and set a reminder so you can be reminded throughout the day.IMG_2947

  • the HW App

Great for students or anyone with a huge to-do list. I love how I can easily type in my homework assignments throughout the school day to keep my list updated. You can also add in due dates and reminders. No more forgetting to jot it down in your planner or losing your to-do list!

  • Daily Horoscope

This is just a fun app for anyone who enjoys reading their horoscope! It has daily, weekly, monthly and yearly!


  • Shine

Shine is a daily motivation app. Everyday, you get a daily quote and a article to read which gives you tips and advice! Shine also has podcasts that you can listen to. But you do have to pay to unlock more.

img_2936.png IMG_2939

  • Calm

Calm is a neat app and great for a begainner to meditation. They have a ton of free guided meditations than some of the other apps I’ve mentioned depending on your preference and claming music too. IMG_2944

  • Pacifica

Pacifica was specifically designed to help those with anxiety, stress and depression. You start off with setting goals such as feel happier, decrease anxiety, build confidence and so much more. Then you get an activity to help with that goal like meditating or recording thoughts and tracking your daily mood! Listening to guided meditations is one of my favorite things.




  • Headspace

I started off meditating with Headspace which is why I recommend it. Everyday, you can choose to take 3, 5 or 10 minutes and listen to a guided meditation session. You can try the Basics meditation pack for free which includes 10 sessions. Otherwise it requires a subscription to unlock more.

  • Tiny Cards

This app is great if you love using flashcards. With it, you can make your own flashcards and study whenever and wherever. It uses a method of displaying 2 cards at first and then quizing you right away. As you go on, more of the cards get added to the deck and it quizes you over the previous cards! Very effective for memorization!

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you use any of these apps or other ones that have helped you!




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