Get Involved!

Hello everyone! It’s February and I’m Aditi! Last week I was so busy (just ask Dani!) that I had to post on Friday instead of Thursday! The reason? I was involved in so many activities! What I learned was 1: I needed a bigger planner and 2: being involved in something more than myself was invigorating. I felt really happy that I was able to do something that would help others.

S.A. get involved.png

I think it is very important to be involved in….anything really! Read on to learn of some ways you can get involved!

Volunteer your time and help others or a cause

Join a club or activity that regularly does something for your community.

Share your knowledge with others.

Donate clothes or daily necessities you don’t use anymore to a local shelter

Getting involved doesn’t have to mean participating or joining a club. It can also be something you do for yourself!Get involved with yourself by…

  • Learning
  • Journaling
  • Drawing
  • Long walks
  • Meditation 






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