Why I Stopped Complaining

Today, is going to be a different type of post. I came to write about something serious. I’m writing this to help others realize that complaining about life is not the way to live. You may come to realize that you’ve been complaining a lot more than you think. S.A.

I want to address the fact that we are so lucky in many ways. Why do we so often complain about things that won’t be significant in the next week or two? I hear it on the daily. I hate my teacher. I have so much homework. I had to wake up at 6 this morning. My life is soo hard. I didn’t get the newest phone. I had to wait in line. My parents are annoying. 

These are the attitudes of so many people. I get it, life is hard, difficult.                              But get this – everyone has obstacles. Life is not easy, we all know this. So thinking negatively isn’t going to make it better, will it? You have to understand that complaining is not a way of thinking. Slowly, it will become your attitude. People start to think of you in that way. “Oh yeah I know her, she’s the one who complains about everything.” Do you know anyone like that? How do you feel around them? I know a girl who does this. Her way of making conversation is starting off with something negative. But remember, it could unknowingly become the way you think about everything.

I hope everyone who reads this will try to make a change in their life so you don’t go down that horrible path of constant negativity. I noticed such a huge change in my life after I started realizing how much I complained through the day! Once I replaced those complaints with a more positive thought, everyday became a more positive experience! You attract what you are, after all. If you’re a student, you know you could fill up an entire dictionary with complaints! Just remember that one or two or even a few bad things doesn’t equate to a bad life! Your outlook on life will be a reflection of what you think. So, let’s keep those vibrations high!

Thanks for reading! As always, Stay Chic Neat and Sweet!



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