For the Girl Who is having a Bad Day

Bad days. It’s something that we as humans have to deal with from time to time. The feeling that life is pointless, or nothing is going right and all the doors seem closed. It’s completely fine if you feel this way, but know that you don’t have to suffer. There are many ways to turn a bad day around so don’t lose hope! Read on to learn some of my tips on how to deal with bad days.FGW Bad Day canva

1. It’s only temporary! Bad days come and go. Sure you may feel crummy at the moment but think, am I really let one bad grade ruin my entire year? I love the song Dust My Shoulders Off (feat. Timbaland) By Jane Zhang. The lyrics are perfect if you are experiencing a bad day!

2. Distraction is key. This one works for me every time. Try busying yourself with things on your to-do list, listen to music or go out and hang with some friends. If you distract your mind, you are less likely to remind yourself or think about why you were having a bad day.

3. Write it out. Sometimes it’s just best to let your feelings out on paper freely. No one will judge you…it’s just you, your thoughts and the paper. Write about what happened , how you feel and why you feel that way. It’s always a good idea to express your feelings rather than bottling it all up inside.

4. Talk with someone/Get social. Just like writing, talking can help you express your thoughts. In fact, they might be able to offer some advice or a story about a time when they were in the same situation! You never know.

5. Remember, things could be worse! Try not to have a self pity party. Think about your bad situation. Then try thinking about others who could be going through something worse. I bet that your situation doesn’t seem so bad anymore, so be grateful!

6. Write or think of a mantra to keep yourself grounded. Mantras or little sayings can offer encouragement and peace. Whenever you have a bad day, keep reminding and repeating it to yourself.

7. Sleep can help. To improve your mood, going to bed early can help tomorrow be a better day. If you don’t, you may have  more crankiness or be irritated quickly.

8. Yoga. Do some simple yoga moves to relax and calm down. Clear your mind with some meditation.

Please know that life is a roller coaster with many ups and downs. But don’t let yourself get stuck. Remember the simple things and don’t take life for granted.

Thanks for reading! As always stay Chic, Neat and Sweet!



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