Chocolate Banana Shake (Printable Recipe Card)

     Mornings can sometimes be a pain…..but not if there is something delicious to look forward to! If you need a quick, simple and healthy drink for the AM, then read on to learn how to make a chocolate and banana smoothie!

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Ingredients: IMG_1145 (1)
~1 cup of Milk
~2 medium ripe Bananas
~1 tablespoon honey or sugar
~Chocolate malt mix or Chocolate flavored protein powder
~Smoothie Blender
~2-3 ice cubes ​
Serves: 1 big cup


IMG_11471. Add your ice, cup of milk, chocolate mix, and the rest of the IMG_1149ingredients
2. Blend for about 40 seconds
3.​ Remove the lid and pour into glass
4. Add chocolate shavings or whipped cream as yummy (healthy-ish) toppings!



Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 11.28.34 PM.png
Click here to get your Banana Chocolate Shake Recipe Card!

There you have it! A delicious morning or post workout (really anytime) chocolate and banana smoothie!
Comment below if you tried this smoothie and as always Stay Chic, Neat and Sweet!
~Aditi​ ​


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