Why I Stopped Complaining

Today, is going to be a different type of post. I came to write about something serious. I’m writing this to help others realize that complaining about life is not the way to live. You may come to realize that you’ve been complaining a lot more than you think.  I want to address the factContinue reading “Why I Stopped Complaining”

10 Unique New Year Resolutions Ideas

Happy New Year! Hope everyone is enjoying their new year and having fun with close family and friends! Now, we all know what happens when we set resolutions…but let’s make this year different by setting different resolutions than the usual ones like working out more or journaling and being organized! Here are 10 unique new yearsContinue reading “10 Unique New Year Resolutions Ideas”

Think Abundance, Not Lack

We’ve all heard the saying, “Be grateful for what you have.” Easier said than done, right! But I have noticed personally that being grateful for what I’ve got right now, makes me feel really happy and fulfilled with myself. There’s something about not wanting and just enjoying the way life is currently that changes yourContinue reading “Think Abundance, Not Lack”