Think Abundance, Not Lack

We’ve all heard the saying, “Be grateful for what you have.” Easier said than done, right! But I have noticed personally that being grateful for what I’ve got right now, makes me feel really happy and fulfilled with myself. There’s something about not wanting and just enjoying the way life is currently that changes your way of thinking.


That’s when I came across the Law of Attraction. The law states that the energy we put out to the universe is what we will receive. Positive thoughts/energy attracts positive energy. Negative thoughts/energy attracts negative energy.  We have all experienced this! Don’t believe me? When you have a bad day, you keep noticing all the things that are going wrong and most likely another bad thing happens. You put out negative thoughts and in turn you attract negative things.

One aspect of the Law of Attraction is looking at life in a way that makes it seem that you have everything you could ever want. In other words, thinking in abundance. Once you start to believe that you have all the clothes/money/friends/food/things in the world and you are ok with the situation that you are in, the universe notices this and you start to get more and more of what you believe you are abundant in!

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Write a list of a few things that you are “lacking” or want more of in your life
  2. Now change those words into sentences that start with “I am abundant in….” and insert whatever you want to have. Example: “I am abundant in money. I have enough money.” Or, “I am surrounded by friends and people who care about me.” The goal here is to believe that you already have these things. Remember, positive thoughts attract positive energy
  3. Tell yourself this constantly!

Whenever you are in a situation in which you don’t have something, tell yourself the positive things you wrote down. Example: Say you are window shopping and see a beautiful dress. Except the price is way more than you can pay right now. HERE’S WHERE YOU CHANGE YOUR THINKING! Say to yourself, “I am abundant in money. Money comes to me in all directions.” Instead of, “I’ll never be able to buy that dress, since I never have money.” 

My personal experience:

I used to be a very shy person in school. During my middle school years, I didn’t talk to others unless I knew them very well or if I had to. I felt lonely, but I had my two very best friends who I could always relate and laugh and be myself around. But then, things started to change and suddenly if felt as if we didn’t have anything in common. We wouldn’t talk as openly as we used to. I was tired of trying to make the friendship work. I felt like I had to pretend. For a long time, I told myself “I don’t have any friends. No one ever wants to talk or be with me. ” And that’s exactly what happened. But then one day, I learned of this positive thinking thing and decided to give it a try. I changed my thinking to “I have lot’s of friends. Everyone wants to be around me!” Slowly, I noticed opportunities to meet new people. New semester in school meant new people to talk to. And that’s when I met Dani. We had so many things in common! It was the perfect type of friend a person would want! Which is why I believe in the power of abundance!

Moral of the story: THINK ABUNDANCE, NOT LACK!

I have had success with money, family, work and self love just by changing the way I thought about my situation. Just yesterday, we were eating leftovers for dinner because we had so much food. I thought “Wow! We have a lot to eat tonight!” A few minutes later, our close friends send over food! Then, our neighbors also send over food! It was crazy!


We spend too much time thinking of what we want, want, want. Try to challenge yourself to find the abundance in life and watch as you get all that you want!




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