The Best Part About Spring

Happy Monday! Thinks no one ever, lol! While Monday isn’t everyone’s favorite thing to get excited about, warm weather is! I can finally hear the birds chirping in the morning as I am getting ready! Which will probably annoy me soon enough, but for now it’s a sign of spring! Here are a few things I love about Spring and Summer!

  • The sun shining earlier in the morning. I’m always in a better mood if it’s bright and sunny outside, especially since I have to wake up at 6!
  • Warm nights. The feeling of the cool breeze is the best way to end the day.
  • Walks and bike rides.
  • Siting on my front porch and enjoying the sunlight.
  • Drinking ice cold lemonade. Mmm! SUMMER HURRY UP! Picnic’s and outdoor BBQ’s.
  • Warm breeze.
  • Sunscreen. I personally love slathering on sunscreen. I know, it’s weird!
  • Ice cream.
  • Long days. I love waking up at 9 am and going to bed around 10 or 11! It’s like the day never ends!
  • Beautiful sunsets and fluffy clouds. The sky looks awesome when it’s filled with blues and pinks and oranges.

By the end of March, it will definitely feel a lot more like spring. Until then, I’m enjoying the rare days when it is warmer! What is the best part about Spring for you?

Sincerely, Aditi

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