Holiday Decoration Ideas

Hi everyone! Today (Day 3 of Blogmas) is a fun one because I get to share décor ideas to spark the holiday mood! Read on to find out some ways to decorate your home and crafts for the holidays! Copy of holiday decorations-2

  1. Winter in a Jar. What you do is fill a mason jar or any glass jar with small items that remind you of winter. Such as pinecones, pebbles, twigs. Then you can add some fake snow and glitter at the bottom.awesome-diy-mason-jar-globes-for-winter-decor-1-500x500
  2. Clear Ornaments. I love clear ornaments because you can be creative and make it personalized! One way is to print a small picture of your family, loved ones or pets and stick it in the ornament! It looks super cute. Or you can also fill the whole ornament with fake snow and then paint a letter on it.
  3. Use Ribbon! Ribbons are a really simple way to add color to decorations! I cut small pieces of ribbon to decorate my mini Christmas tree! 

  4. Hang lights in your room! The lights instantly make any room feel comfy and cozy!IMG_2368.JPG
  5. Decorative flowers. Doesn’t it look beautiful?!


I hope you liked these ideas! I love the holidays and I’m super excited for the winter season! Let me know how you are decorating your home for the holidays!? See you tomorrow!



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