Journaling prompts for achieving your 2020 goals

Happy New Year!! 🥳I hope you all have a wonderful 2020 filled with happiness and success!

Now, inevitably, we all had some goals that maybe didn’t get accomplished from last year and that’s okay! Personally, I felt a little overwhelmed with all the things I wanted to do this year that my head felt like exploding! That’s why I’ve got some writing prompts that will help align yourself to accomplishing your goals and succeeding!

I hope you guys like this little exercise and have fun with it! The one thing you should remember is that setting goals is supposed to be motivational for you! Don’t let it be a drag and think like you “have to do it”. The point of setting goals is to help you adopt habits and guide you along your path! So, don’t get caught up with trying to find the perfect goal! Just get started and everything will follow.

Thank you for reading and until next time don’t forget to stay Chic Neat and Sweet!

♡, Aditi

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