Back to School Haul –Clothes, Accessories, and Supplies

Happy August! It’s quite scary and exciting that 2019 is ending very fast. Where did time go!? Sadly, summer vacation is ending for those of us going back to school. But I do love shopping for new clothes and supplies which is probably the only reason I like going back to school, just kidding!


A basic T-shirt goes a long way! This one is super soft and has a knit texture. The color is beige and I can see a lot of fall outfits going with this!

I love this simple cotton t-shirt paired with these shorts. The shorts are from Target and the shirt is from Ross.

New shoes are a must for walking around school. I was torn between sandals or shoes but comfort is more important for me! I ended up going for Adidas.


I love these scrunchies because of the bow it has on the bottom. It’s cute and different from typical scrunchies. I saw similar ones at H&M but these I got at Walmart for $3.88! Who would’ve thought!

I was in need of new earrings and got these gold hoops at Forever 21.

School Supplies

Planners are an essential for anyone who uses it effectively! This planner is from Target. I like the layout with each day having it’s own page.

Of course, I needed notebooks and folders as well!

Let me know what you bought for the new school year and what you are excited about! Thank you for reading! As always stay Chic Neat and Sweet!

♡, Aditi


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