10 Ways to De-Stress this Holiday Season!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Today, I thought I would share some simple easy ways to relax a little and take care of yourself during the holiday season! Usually, we are thinking about what to get for our friends and family and prepping for the get togethers, but don’t forget about relaxing a bit yourself! Here are 10 ways to de-stress during the holidays!
destress holidays

  1. Take a warm bath!
  2. Wear comfy clothes.
  3. Light candles around your house.
  4. Make hot cocoa, coffee, tea, etc.
  5. Practice simple yoga stretches.
  6. Laugh and have fun! Remind yourself of all the things that are awesome in life!
  7. Be around people who make you smile.
  8. Listen to music.
  9. Color!
  10. Create a happy board. Print or cut pictures out from a magazine and make a collage of all the things that make you feel happy!

Thanks for reading guys! Remember to have fun, don’t worry and everything will work out!

As always, stay Chic, Neat and Sweet!



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