Thirst Quenching Skincare Products

During winter I have always struggled with dry, dull and tired skin. It was always a back and forth between loading on the moisturizer and then having oily skin, or not moisturizing and have dry skin! After trying multiple products, I think I have found the perfect thirst quenching skincare products for your face. Peter Thomas Roth Cooling Cucumber Face Mask: This mask cools, relaxes … Continue reading Thirst Quenching Skincare Products

Finding Hope When Life Tests Your Strength

It is easy to feel hopeful when everything in life seems to be going exactly as planned. But when life seems to be testing your strength, hope is the last thing you have. We all have been in a ‘slump’ and know what it is like to wonder if your life will ever turn around for the better. Hope is an interesting thing. It is … Continue reading Finding Hope When Life Tests Your Strength