About Us

The Start Of Chic Neat Sweet:

     We are currently high school students, which means we sit in a desk 7 hours a day staring at the clock waiting for school to get out, waiting for the weekend, waiting for summer. One day we were walking in PE class and started talking about how boring school was and how we wished we had something that gave us a purpose! This got us talking about our lifelong dreams. We came to find out we both aspired to have a blog someday, and that’s when it hit us… WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE SOMEDAY?! We were constantly waiting for something to happen so why not make a change for the better! This inspired the creation of Chic Neat and Sweet!

     Our story may be simple but it is not over yet! We love to learn and get creative! Our persistency has gotten us this far and we intend to keep making our blog stronger. The Chic Neat Sweet mission is to give our readers useful advice, tips/tricks, and ideas. We are always open to new ideas, so let us know if there is something you are interested in getting help with!

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We learned a lot from starting this blog! The little things such as creating our logo was full of trial and error, but every mistake has helped our blog grow!

What’s in a Name:

     Aditi thought of the idea for our blog’s name! The idea behind it was to encompass all three categories on our blog! Chic is referring to fashion, hair, and beauty ideas! Neat is all about lifestyle, school, and organization ideas! Lastly, Sweet refers to recipes for breakfast, lunch/dinner, and dessert! On our home page click on one of these categories to find posts relating to a certain topic!

What is Sincerely, Aditi and Dani:

    While our blog shows you how to be Chic Neat and Sweet we really wanted to inspire our readers. We wanted to give you motivation and confidence to conquer each day with a gracious and humble heart, while staying true to yourself. Dani created the title ‘Sinerely, Aditi and Dani’ because we wanted it to be open ended. In our SAD category you will find motivation, inspiration and some ideas to make your heart happy. 

About the Authors:

     Dani- “When you’re thinking city lights, morning espresso, and up to date fashion trends you’re describing me to a T! While a majority of my life consists of school, friends, family, and fitness; that doesn’t effect the amount of time I spend on the social internet. I was thrilled when starting a blog became a reality with Diti. Chic Neat and Sweet is my way of sharing the latest trends, recipes, and ideas for a full and healthy lifestyle. My favorite part of blogging is the photography-I love setting up a scene with props and then going back and editing the photos.”

     Aditi- “Blogging at first seemed like something that I could only dream of. But now I’m so glad that I started one with my friend! My favorite things to do include baking, shopping, yoga and makeup! My friends think of me as a perfectionist which is why I take a long time to do anything, such as my makeup, hair or cleaning my room! I also enjoy helping others and spreading my knowledge to better the world. This is why I felt like starting a blog! I have so many tips and tricks to share with you! I love being Chic Neat and Sweet and I hope that you will too! Remember life is too short to do nothing. Also eat dessert first!”

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog and we hope you find something useful and/or interesting! As always don’t forget to stay Chic Neat and Sweet!


Aditi & Dani 

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