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Happy Sunday everyone!

A while back I used a bullet journal in place of my planner, and while I enjoyed the creative outlet it didn’t work for my everyday routine. Instead, I may use it every so often if I have a lot going on or when I feel really artsy!

If you have wanted to try bullet journaling or struggle with the creative inspiration for it, this Mood Tracker is perfect for you! It is already laid out in a fun design and you can customize it to whatever colors you would like!

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

At the bottom of the Mood Tracker is a key for you- fill in the box with color and write a corresponding mood on the line. Then, for 31 days fill in the hexagons with what your mood is each day.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

This is a great way to visualize how you have been feeling lately. After the 31 days, it would be smart to reflect over what your main mood was and make changes in your day to day life accordingly. For example, if you notice the majority of your days are “tired” then you might consider going to bed an hour earlier each night!

To download, simply click any of the links and print the PDF.

Do you already use a mood tracker?! Have you tried bullet journaling?! Did you like it?!


“Happiness is not having what you want. It’s appreciating what you have.”

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