Nightstand Organization

Hello everyone!

At the beginning of this year, I went through my whole room, cleaning and organizing everything. I felt so much better after I did it and one of my favorite parts was organizing my nightstand.

My nightstand typically is the holding place for everything I am currently into/working on, whether it be a book, certain beauty products, water bottles, notebooks, etc. I knew I needed a system that would keep all my stuff organized, so I tried different bins and baskets. Finally last month, I found a system that works for me!

On top of my nightstand, I have a regular and salt lamp. Then on the side of my nightstand (closer to my bed), I have three cable drops which hold my watch, phone, and computer charger.

Then going down I have a drawer where my smaller items are stored. My nail kit, hand and body lotions are just placed in the drawer. In one bin, I have a flashlight, extra chargers, mini screwdriver, screen cloth, and cough drops. In the other bin, I have a nail file, argan oil, lavender essential oil, lens wipes, pillow spray, chapstick, and extra rubber bands.

On the first shelf, I store my prayer journal and whatever book I am currently reading.

The bottom shelf holds all of the bigger items in a basket I got from Target. I tried a few other baskets but I love this one because it is angled and open in the front. This means it is easy to reach in and grab what I want. One suggestion I have is I would hot glue a felt sheet on the bottom of the basket so it won’t scrape your nightstand.

In the basket, I have a couple of water bottles, a notepad, cooling and heating eye masks, computer charger, headphones, eye massager, essential oils for my diffuser, and wax melts for my warmer.

That’s how I organize my nightstand. I love how everything has its own spot and that I know where things are!

How do you organize your nightstand?! What do you keep by your bed?! Do you charge your technology by your bed?!

As always, don’t forget to stay Chic Neat and Sweet!


“To make living itself an art, that is the goal.” – Henry Miller

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