FREEBIE // 2019 National Holidays

It is currently snowing outside, which seems unreal due to the fact that last week it was in the 50s! I am not a fan of going out in the snow, instead, I have always loved staying inside reading/writing while watching the snowfall.

Therefore, I am doing just that- sitting by the window writing this post with my fuzzy socks and a warm mug of coffee!

Whenever I am trying to plan blog posts and social media for the month/year, I always forget to look at the national holidays (especially the ones not as well known). So I decided to create a 2019 calendar with the national holidays for my fellow bloggers. I included the famous ones, along with some funny and unique ones. You can use this calendar when planning for post ideas, or social media content!

2019 National Holidays

Simply click one of the links to download the PDF and then print!

Let me know if you find this helpful! I hope you all have/had a fantabulous weekend!!

What is your favorite holiday?! Do you prep for your blog posts at random, weekly, monthly, or yearly?! How are your New Year resolutions coming along?!

As always, don’t forget to stay Chic Neat and Sweet!


“Stop living for acceptance, choose yourself.”

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