Planner Organization

Can you believe we are already into the second week of 2019? I sure can’t! With a New Year comes resolutions, goals, and plans. I for one, would never be able to accomplish mine if it weren’t for my planner!

Here’s the thing, I love planners!! Like I can’t go into Target without at least looking at their calendars, planners and journals! I always enjoy searching for new ways to get organized! With that being said, you can believe me when I say I have tried and tested several planners!

While many planners have come and gone throughout the years, I was so proud of myself for sticking with the one I had bought in July. My typical routine was to get super excited to have a new planner, create a system for that one in particular, and then 4 weeks later get bored of that routine and buy a new planner. Fortunately, that routine did not happen this year!

I bought Ashley G for Blue Sky planner from Target.

When I buy a planner this is what I’m looking for:

  • Reasonably low cost– I have splurged and bought a $50 planner before, and while I loved it, I again would find myself tossing it aside to try out something new. Therefore, I have found it best to spend between $10-$20.
  • A pretty cover– Whether it’s flowers, aesthetics, or a quote I need to love the cover of the planner. This is something I am looking at day in and day out- I don’t want it to be boring or get old after a while.
  • Not spiral bound– As many of you have observed in the pictures, my current planner is spiral bound and if there was any negatives to my planner it would be this. The binding has come undone in some areas and bent in others. When I put it in my school bag it catches on my other notebooks, and if I’m wearing a sweater it’s a hot mess!
  • Monthly/Weekly layout– I have tried daily/hourly and that didn’t fit with my lifestyle. Sometimes I don’t have a to-do list everyday or need to plan my entire day out. So I simply just needed a Monthly and Weekly to write my to-dos, events, and deadlines down.
  • A pocket/sleeve– So this planner doesn’t have one, but I know I will look for one with something to store papers in, when this planner finishes up. Right now it just works fine for me to store notes in the front of the planner and then put the cover down over it.

I think those are the basic necessities but honestly I could go on for days about what I do and don’t like for planners!!

Now let me show you how I set-up and organize my planner!

I use Staedtler Twin Tip Felt Marker Pens, to write all of my events, deadlines, appointments, etc. I have tried many types of pens, but these are my favorite because I can use them both as a highlighter and a pen. Plus it has a fine point which allows me to fit everything inside one square in the monthly layout.

I use BIC Atlantis Ballpoint Pens to cross off canceled events, make notes, and check off my to-dos. I have always loved the fine tip and the way these pens write.

For the monthly layout I have a color code system which keeps me very organized. This way I don’t just see a bunch of events but instead see my work schedule, information for school, medical appointments, etc.

My color code system:

  • Dark Green– Work and Pay Day
  • Blue– Client meetings/deadlines
  • Purple– School
  • Light Purple– Tests and Deadlines
  • Peach– Appointments
  • Pink– Personal
  • Orange– Blog
  • Orange Highlighted with Mint- My (Dani) blog posts
  • Orange Highlighted with Pink– Aditi’s blog posts

For the weekly layout, I write all of my to-dos in pencil. I write important information from the monthly layout into the specific day that event is occurring, using its specific color. I will write my outfit across from the day of week. Lastly, I write the weather and temperature in the corner (this helps me pick my outfit).

That’s about all I do for my planner. I fill in the monthly as information comes my way, and I fill out the weekly on Sundays.

How do you fill out your planner?! What is your favorite planner?! Do you use a planner?! Do you prefer planners or bullet journals?!

As always, don’t forget to stay Chic Neat and Sweet!


“Don’t stress the could haves. If it should have, it would have.”

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