Random Happiness

You know that feeling you get, when you know Summer is almost here? You can just feel it in the air! The wind is warmer, the sun shines just a bit brighter for a bit longer, and you are happy. I was thinking about this the other day, about how happy I am in Summer compared to the school year. But then it got me thinking about what makes me happy everyday. While Summer makes me really happy, there are times during the day when small, random things make me happy. So I thought I would share with you my random happiness, in hopes of getting you to think of some of yours. We often overlook the little things in life, but if we stopped for a minute to appreciate them, we wouldn’t be taking them for granted. Here is where I find my random happiness

  • Vacuum Lines- Can we all take a minute to agree, that when you walk into a room with half-light and dark triangles within the carpet, you just feel ten times better. Call me crazy, but it is so satisfying not only to have a clean floor but also to have a plush carpet underneath your toes!
  • Music Fading Into The Background- I notice this a lot when I’m working on homework or the blog, but it’s basically when the music starts out by being loud, with lots of ads, and then it slowly just fades into the background as you are more productive. You don’t seem to notice the ads or lyrics, it is more like white noise, at the perfect volume.
  • When the Board You Want to Pin to, is in the Top Three- If you have Pinterest, you will probably relate to this but for those that don’t know what I’m talking about let me explain. When you go to pin something on Pinterest a list of your boards come up and you choose what board you want to put this pin in. At the top of the list, is you most recent/relevant boards. Now if you have a lot of boards and the one you want isn’t in the top 3 you will have to scroll through to find it. So when it reads my mind and suggests the board I want, I am a happy camper!
  • ‘One take’ for Insta or Blog Photos- Let’s be real for a minute and admit that I have never taken just 1 photo for the blog or Instagram and called it good! Not once!! But I do have photos that work out better than others, when I only have to take 10 or 12 to get the perfect shot! Basically the fewer photos I take for one flatlay, the happier I am.
  • When the Toilet Paper Roll Doesn’t Have Stoppers- If you have no clue what I’m talking about you are extremely lucky! This may be my biggest pet peeve and yet I have to deal with it all the time!! At school, our toilet paper rolls have these stoppers that prevent you from rolling out several pieces of toilet paper- instead they stop you at one piece. Who uses one piece?!? So you have to keep going through the roll, breaking off one piece at a time until you have enough. Basically, I have learned to appreciate it when toilet paper rolls do not have stoppers.
  • When the Song You Want Comes on, on Spotify- let me start by saying I don’t have a Premium Spotify account. This means I don’t get unlimited skips, and yes, I have to listen to ads! So when I want a certain song to come on, and it happens to be the next one, it really make me happy.
  • When There is Actually Jelly in the Jelly Donut- So recently I learned jelly donut holes don’t always have jelly in them,which still seems really wonky, but since I can’t do anything about it, I am usually pleased when I find Jelly in mine. But to be honest with you, if I have a donut in the first place I will be happy- no matter if there is jelly or not!

So those are where I get my random happiness! Can you relate to any of them? It’s actually fun to think about the silly, basic things that make us happy! As always don’t forget to be Chic Neat Sweet.

What is your random happiness?!



9 thoughts on “Random Happiness

  1. Yes!!! I can totally relate to these things, haha 😀 ❤ I loooove it when Pinterest knows which board I want to save a pin to, haha! And I agree – when the music you're listening to becomes basically white noise because you're being so productive, that is a beautiful feeling, indeed. ❤ Thanks for sharing!

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