Spring Cleaning- All Areas Of Your Life

Even though the weather is being stubborn, and will not switch to sun and warmer temperatures, it is technically Spring! Which means it is time for Spring cleaning! Now typically when I think of Spring cleaning, I think of stripping the house and cleaning out nooks and crannies that don’t usually get touched. But today I am not sharing your usual Spring cleaning checklist, instead this post is about Spring cleaning all areas of your life- specifically your body, physical, and mind. I have also included a special bonus for all of you! Click the link or photo below to print your very own Spring Cleaning Checklist!


**Click Here To Download Your Own Spring Cleaning Checklist**

Body Spring cleaning you body, means cleaning up your diet, and routines. During winter we can get caught up in eating lots of comforting foods and treats, but now that all of the holidays are over we want to get back into a healthier routine. Some ways to Spring clean your body are to make an exercise routine, create a menu plan with new recipes, have a spa night to regenerate, and switch up your products for a fresh variety.


Physical- This category is what you are most used to when you hear of Spring cleaning. This is when you rotate your mattresses and dust the blinds. Studies have shown that you will be happier if you are in a clean environment, so take this opportunity to do more than just tidy up. Some ideas are to wipe/scrub/vacuum furniture, surfaces and floors, give away clothes that you don’t wear anymore and reorganize the ones you keep.

Mind- Spring Cleaning your mind is basically reconnecting yourself to your vision and goals. Your mind is what gets you through your whole day, so it should be prepared and ready to conquer. Not only does mind refer to your brain and mental mindset, but also your spiritual and self beliefs. To clean your mind you could start following a meditation calendar, create some new goals, reflect on this past season, start a gratitude calendar, and simply get all of those thoughts out of your mind and onto paper (maybe in a planner).

I hope you find these tips, and printable helpful! If you have any questions or more ideas let me know. Spring Cleaning is the perfect time to get your life back on track, so make sure you are doing it in all aspects of life- not just dusting off furniture.

Have any of you done one of these tasks to help get your life in order?! Are you excited for Spring?! What is your favorite way/thing to Spring Clean?!



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