Never Let Go Of Your Dreams

As kids we all had hopes and dreams. Maybe some of us wanted to be an astronaut or to be rich and famous. Look at where you were ten years ago and now look at what has changed. Some where along the line you stopped hoping and dreaming.

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 6.36.19 PM

At some point you started doing only what you had to do. You got the best job you could find just to start paying off bills. You went to a school that fit guidelines and budgets not goals and dreams. The phrase “adulting is hard” does not just mean responsibility, it also means less chances for care-free, meaningless enjoyments.

Now I’m not saying every single goal you set doesn’t come true because that’s not the case. Many people set out for a certain career or destination and if they work hard they get there. But other times people just float their wants. That trip to Europe will some day happen. Having a self owned business can wait.

People just gave up because they had responsibilities that came first. While life does get hectic and you may be thinking ‘there is just no way that can happen’, I would venture to say your wrong. Yes your life may be crazy but I would almost guarantee that if you sat down with a pen and paper for ten minutes you could make it happen.

Write five dreams you have down. Then look at the first one you want to make happen. Then start planning. Do you need to save five dollars a day to make it happen? Do you need to sign up for a class? What ever it is that you are dreaming of just make it happen. When ever you hit a bump on the road find a way to work through it! If you have a dream, you have it for a reason. Don’t sit around and waste your life away.

I really hope you all consider your goals and find a way to make them happen- honestly if it is something that will make you happy and benefit you, then there is no con to planning a way to your dreams!

What are some of your goals/dreams? 



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