My 7 Favorite Foodie Instagramers

Happy Thursday everyone! Who is happy that it is finally Spring? I know I am! Usually around this time of year I get back into my productive moods where I want to work even harder at accomplishing my goals. One of the goals for Chic Neat Sweet was to start and grow our social media activity! So in January we started Instagram, and then a few days ago we began Twitter. While we were actively posting, it wasn’t till last week when we really figured out some strategies to grow our network. One of which included, finding other Instagramers that share a similar style or niche that Chic Neat Sweet has. While I was searching through all of these Instagramers, I thought it would be a great post if I shared my favorite Instagramers. And since it is a Sweet post day, I am going to share my 7 favorite foodie Instagramers.



When I stumbled upon Yukiko’s Instagram I instantly fell in love! I mean, what could you not love about this feed! The colors are cool and consistent, not to mention the food looks delicious. I just wish I could reach through the screen and try her Raspberry Nicecream! I really love how she enforces healthy eating habits, and shares her kind, happy personality in the comments.



Taylor has done an amazing job at creating a colorful theme that is still consistent! I love how she shares some of the recipe and directions in her captions, with her fun personality. I also appreciate that her foods are clean and healthy. Taylor also has a beautiful blog, that you should check out, where she shares the full recipes and set of directions. I always look forward to Taylor’s pictures because they make my mouth water!



If you look at CNS’s Instagram, you know right away we love a bright feed, and that is exactly what Meera has! She shares delectable treats and breakfast pics, that make my stomach growl! One of my favorite things Meera does is share the recipe in her comment for the post, that way it is easy to find and follow along too. Plus her funny, and caring personality are always something to look forward to!



Kelly shares her love of food with us in a bright, colorful feed! Along with the gorgeous food flatlay posts, she also shares lifestyle photos- which are always fun to see! I love learning about the person behind the camera and being able to see their personality come through in their work, and with Kelly I think she does a great job of relating and sharing with others. Her food is healthy, and looks sumptuous!



Muffins, cakes, and cookies are a few of my favorite things, which also happen to be on Taylor’s Instagram! Her feed is full of cooler, brighter tones with fabulous consistency! My favorite thing though is her recipes are gluten-free! As a person, who understands the struggle of following dietary restrictions, finding Taylor’s Instagram made my heart happy. I love how she shares easy and relatable recipes that anyone could make!



Unlike most of the Instagramers I have already listed, Irene shares foods from places she travels to. Not only does she share beautiful food pics but she also has some lifestyle images too! Irene is also funny and relatable in her captions, which I love to read! I think it is awesome that you can find new restaurants just by looking at her photos! I am so glad I found her Instagram because I can always count on some pretty cool photos!



Can we all just take a minute to think about how perfect Clementine’s feed is?! I mean it is hard enough on white, but she uses other backgrounds and props! What ever she is doing, it is fabulous! I love all of the foods and how she shares the ingredients and directions in the comments! Whenever I see one of these photos, it get’s a double tap from me, because I just love how aesthetically pleasing they are!!

That is all of the Foodie Instagramers I have to share today! Let me know if you gals like this post and/or want me to do something like it again! Also don’t forget to follow Aditi and I on Twitter and Instagram! I hope you all have a wonderful ending to your week and as always don’t forget to stay Chic Neat and Sweet!

Who are your favorite Instagramers?! Are you a foodie?!





**All photos in feeds belong to the Instagramer listed. I was given permission to use their name and photos.**

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