How to Staycation the Right Way

It is currently 60 degrees and sunny outside! I was over winter two months ago, so the few signs I see of spring make me so happy.  I love this time of year and can’t wait to pull out my shorts and flip-flops! Another reason to be happy is spring break is coming up! Now I will be the first to admit, I find myself scrolling Instagram and see those in Mexico, or the Bahamas and envy them so much!! Who wouldn’t want to be at the beach all day?! BUT I have put together this post, for those of us who aren’t headed off to the Pacific!

Detox Day:  Start your day by waking up to the sunrise and work through a yoga routine. Eat light healthy meals and drink as much water as possible. Try new workouts throughout the day- go for a run/walk, hit the gym, try a new workout class. To detox your mind journal or read.

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  • Water Bottle
  • Lemon to put in your water
  • Yoga Mat
  • Workout Clothes
  • Fruits/Veggies
  • Books, journal, pens

Reminder: This day is all about resetting your mind and body. A day to remind yourself who you are, what you believe in-including your dreams and goals. Detoxing is to get rid of any and all negativity, so just for today put your screens away. Set your phone on Do Not Disturb and leave it be.

Pretend-You-Are-At-The-Beach Day: You may not have palm trees or an ocean in your backyard, but you can pretend. Make sure it is sunny and warmer temps, grab your swimsuit and lay outside! Make yourself a fancy drink with one of those tiny umbrellas! Spend the whole day outside- reading, having a picnic, or going for a bike ride. End your day by making s’mores over a grill or stove!



  • Beach towel
  • Swimsuit, or shorts and a loose tee
  • Sunscreen
  • Music and headphones
  • Fun Drinks, or if you don’t have all the ingredients just make Kool-Aide
  • Chalk, bikes, books, beach ball, etc.

Reminder: If you are sitting there saying I am not ready to go outside in a swim-suit because I don’t have a tan or “bikini body”- stop right there! Anybody can have a “bikini body” because all you need is a body and a bikini. Plus you are in the comforts of your own home, and I want to add that you should never wear something you don’t feel comfortable in. You will look your best when you are happy, so whether that is a one-piece, bikini, shorts, or even a sweatshirt, you are beautiful!

Chill Day: Remember the Detox Day above? Well a Chill Day is basically the complete opposite! Today is all about wearing your comfiest clothes, binge watching your favorite shows, eating pizza, donuts, and ice cream. Sleep in as long as you want, and maybe don’t even leave your bed!



  • Pajamas
  • Your favorite foods
  • Netflix or DVDs (For movies I love Breakfast at Tiffany’s, How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days, and Grace of Monaco. For TV shows I love New Girl, Gilmore Girls, and Quantico)
  • Face Masks
  • Candles
  • Blankets and pillows

Reminder: All of you lovelies are girlbosses and deserve a day off! Spoil yourself today- eat what you want and do what you want! No one is counting your calories so go ahead and eat another scoop of Chunky Monkey! Want to sleep in till noon? Go for it!!

Get-Out-Of-The-House Day: Get dressed up and head to the mall! Shop for some new spring items to add to your wardrobe. Go out to eat, or grab a coffee! Try out new shops, or go downtown and walk around. Not up for all the walking? Just get in the car and drive!



  • Comfy, but chic outfit
  • Sunglasses or hat
  • Coupons/ Gift Cards
  • Summer tunes to blast in the car
  • Coffee, and/or snack for when you get hungry
  • A friend on-call so you can send them pictures of clothes as you try them on, for a second opinion)

Reminder: Ofcourse shopping is a must, but try going places you don’t typically go to. For example, go to museums or gallories and learn something you didn’t know about your town. You could rent a bike or go geocaching!

Productive Day: Since you are on break, you should use this opportunity to get your life in order! Fill out your planner, schedule those hair/doctor appointments, and organize/clean your house! Even if you are already organized try setting up a new routine or system to change things up!



  • Planner
  • Cleaning Products (Try making some homemade cleaners)
  • Cleaning Checklist
  • Energizing music
  • New Decor (while you clean and organize add some new decor to your home)
  • Plant or buy some flowers (They will be a special treat after all that cleaning and make your house smell great)

Reminder: Sometimes when we start going through our house, we can create an even bigger mess than we started with. Make sure you follow along with a cleaning checklist, either one you made or print one off of Pinterest. If you hate cleaning and organizing, try to have fun with it– listen to your favorite music and give yourself incentives (Ex. If you clean a room, you get to watch one episode of your favorite show)!

Depending on how long your staycation is, you could pick one of these days or you could enjoy all of them throughout the week! Let me know what you think! As always don’t forget to stay Chic Neat and Sweet!

What was your favorite day in the post?! How do you plan on spending your staycation?!



2 thoughts on “How to Staycation the Right Way

    1. You’re too sweet! I just looked at your blog and love it! I have been looking for a good book so I will have to look at your reviews!


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