9 Major Tips for Bloggers (What we’ve learned in our 1st year)

Today Chic Neat Sweet officially turns one year old! We (Aditi and Dani) are so excited and proud of all that we have done to get CNS up and going since March 29, 2017. This must mean we can officially call ourselves bloggers…right?! Creating, and maintaining a blog can be a lot of work, and even stressful at times, but we wouldn’t trade those late nights, and technical difficulties for anything. We have worked endlessly at editing, changing, and even challenging ourselves to create the best possible way for our blog to run and look. Just because it has been a year doesn’t mean we are going to slow down, in fact we have so many more ideas, that we can’t wait to start.

1 year

As we are sure, all other bloggers can understand, blogging is life-changing. We have learned so much not only about design, writing, and photography, but also about ourselves! So on this very special day, we are going to share with you our tips for blogging. Let us know if you can relate to any of these or find any helpful!
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Tips for the Uninspired: Find your Fire

Some days, you are super excited to start your week and get back to work. But, other days, you would rather stay in bed. I know this feeling quite well and it’s hard to fight it, but after a while, I noticed a feeling of emptiness. I didn’t like so somehow I found the strength to get up and get inspired! I wanted to feel excited and energetic again. If you have felt this way or are currently in this mood, keep reading for some tips to get you motivated and inspired to do something!uninspired.png Continue reading “Tips for the Uninspired: Find your Fire”

Money Saving Hacks

Hey everyone! Money or in other words, bucks, green stuff, moolah, cash is something that we can’t have enough of. So, when the budget is tight, we turn to ramen noodles for breakfast, lunch and dinner (or so I’ve heard…maybe that’s a bit too extreme!). To make life easier, I’ve gathered some of my favorite money saving hacks to keep me away from noodles all day, every day. Read on to learn more….money saving.png Continue reading “Money Saving Hacks”

Want Success? Give up these 5 things

Sometimes life can be unpredictable and difficult. We can fall into these ruts where nothing seems to be going our way. We all have hopes and dreams, but whether you are working towards them or not, here is 5 things you need to give up in order to achieve success. Limiting Yourself:  Have you ever said to yourself “I’m too old for that activity” or … Continue reading Want Success? Give up these 5 things