My Favorite Brand & Products

Usually during winter, I tend to get in these ruts where I throw my hair up in a messy bun, and don’t straighten or curl my hair unless I am going out for a special event. Since spring is right around the corner though, I have gone back to testing new hairstyles and am slowly crawling out of my messy bun habit.

No matter how I style my hair, there is always one brand of product I use, that I trust and love! It is Aveda- a company that thrives on creating environmentally safe products. As I wrote this post I went and looked at their website (which you can visit here) and as I read their mission, history, and goals I fell even more in love with their brand/products! If you haven’t heard of them you should definitely check them out.

My favorite products include…

Damage Remedy: A leave-in treatment, applied to damp hair that repairs and protects from heat styling. I try to use as little heat on my hair as possible, but sometimes it is unavoidable and this helps tremendously.

Shampure: A dry shampoo, that doesn’t leave behind a white film, but instead absorbs the oils and impurities. Listen, I have a busy life and straightening my hair can take up to 1 whole hour! You best believe I keep my hair straight for as long as I can!

Confixor: A liquid gel that you can apply to damp or dry hair, to be used as a styling product. My hair can be very difficult when I want to curl it, and it decides to stay stick straight, so putting a small amount of this in my hair helps it to hold a curl and adds texture.

Control Paste: This finishing paste can be used to tame fly aways, or to style thin short hair. I use it when I wear a pony, or on those hairs that decide to go the opposite direction of all the others.

I love Aveda not only for their story, products, but also the way the products make you feel. I can’t help but relax when you open the cap to the Damage Remedy or ‘spray’ the Shampure. They use flower and plant essences that leave my hair (and bathroom) smelling amazing!

Have you ever tried Aveda?! What is your favorite products?!








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