Learning to Enjoy Alone Time

Recently, I was catching up with a childhood friend. The usual questions were brought up (What have you been up to? How have you been? What activities are you in?). When I was younger, I was the most outgoing kid you knew. I loved being the lead in school plays, raised my hand all the time in class, etc. But as I realized during the conversation with my friend, I have done a complete 180! Now don’t get me wrong, I am not as shy or timid as some people but I am definitley not the gal who gets excited to stand up infront of a group of people. In fact, the older I get the more I can respect having time alone. Spending time with just myself has taught me so much about my beliefs, goals and made me more independent. Something I have learned, is some people absolutley hate being alone. Which is perfectly fine, but I thought I would share some tips on being alone, and embracing a few hours to yourself.

What To Do:

  • Watch a movie/TV show: My favorites at the moment are Gilmore Girls and New Girl.
  • Journal and/or Doodle: Write about what has been going on in your life, reflect on a past event, let go of your stress. If you want to draw but aren’t sure what to, print a coloring page and color.
  • Pamper Your Self: Who doesn’t love a bubble bath and face mask? Paint your nails, try a new make-up look, braid your hair, etc.
  • Read: Grab a book and get lost in a new world.
  • Workout: Go for a run or try some yoga/meditation.

How to Not Make it so Lonely:

  • Listen to music: Whether it is background music for a calming mood, or today’s pop hits for your own personal dance party.
  • Listen to a podcast: Need to hear other people?  Listen to an audiobook, documentary or podcast. My favorite podcast is Sheroic by Cassey Ho and Lisa Bilyeu.
  • Listen to a “how to” show: Maybe cook a new recipe alongside a chef, or learn how to draw something. Hearing someone talk to you, will get your mind off the fact that you are alone.


  • You are alone, so you don’t have to please anyone else. Listen to what music YOU like, watch YOUR favorite movie, light YOUR favorite candle! This is your chance to embrace who you are without worrying what anyone else likes.
  • Set your phone on Do Not Disturb. Sometimes if you see other groups of friends hanging out together, you can get jealous or doubt your decision to spend some time alone.
  • Spend a few hours alone at least once or twice a week. I love spending time alone at night to wind down after a busy day, but if you are a morning person wake up extra early to get some alone time.

That’s my tips and ideas for spending time alone. I think learning to take time for yourself can be very rewarding to your mental well-being, as well as your physical being (after all of those face masks, of course!). As always, don’t forget to stay Chic Neat and Sweet.

Do you like spending time alone?!




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