Energizing Almond Protein Powder

Hi everyone! I’m back with a recipe post. It’s been a while since the last one so I hope y’all are excited! This is a traditional sweet drink recipe from India called Badam Milk. Badam translates to Almonds in English. The procedure to make it requires blanched almonds and then grinding them into a fine powder. You can use almond powder in warm milk or … Continue reading Energizing Almond Protein Powder

Finding Hope When Life Tests Your Strength

It is easy to feel hopeful when everything in life seems to be going exactly as planned. But when life seems to be testing your strength, hope is the last thing you have. We all have been in a ‘slump’ and know what it is like to wonder if your life will ever turn around for the better. Hope is an interesting thing. It is … Continue reading Finding Hope When Life Tests Your Strength

10 Unique New Year Resolutions Ideas

Happy New Year! Hope everyone is enjoying their new year and having fun with close family and friends! Now, we all know what happens when we set resolutions…but let’s make this year different by setting different resolutions than the usual ones like working out more or journaling and being organized! Here are 10 unique new years resolution ideas for 2018!
new years-2

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