Would You Rather: Holiday Edition

Merry Christmas Eve! Blogmas has gone by so fast! For today’s post, we are sharing our answers to the holiday edition of “Would You Rather?”! This was a lot of fun to write, so we hope you enjoy!

Be one of Santa’s elves or reindeer?

Dani: Definitely reindeer! You would get to travel and see what Christmas is like all around the world!

Aditi: Reindeer! I mean, how cool would it be to fly around?!

Open a present Christmas Eve or only on Christmas Day?

Dani: I have always opened one present on Christmas Eve, and probably always will!

Aditi: Christmas Day is what I have done ever since I can remember!

Real Christmas Tree or Fake?

Dani: I have always had a fake tree, but I am not against real ones. Maybe one day I will try a real tree with all of its sap and maintenance!

Aditi: We have a fake tree and it never fails to impress!

Have twinkling lights or steady lights?

Dani: Steady!

Aditi: Twinkling lights are so fun! I also love the lights that change colors!

Multi color or white lights? 

Dani: While I prefer steady lights, they have to be multi colored! All the different colors make the decorations more cheerful and festive!

Aditi: Multi colored! But for my Christmas tree, I do prefer white lights for the classic tree look!

Elf or Home Alone?

Dani: For sure, Elf! While Home Alone is a good movie, Elf is just way too funny not to pick! Hands down Elf is is my favorite Christmas movie!

Aditi: I definitely agree with Dani!

Christmas songs only in December or all year long?

Dani: Considering how we were listening to Christmas music in October, I would have to say I start listening early! I mean, I am not listening during the summer months, but I as soon as I get in the Christmas mood, Micheal Bublé and Kelly Clarkson start singing on my radio.

Aditi: Yeah, as soon as the temperature drops below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, I consider it winter, which means Christmas music!

Be friends with Frosty The Snowman or Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer?

Dani: I have nothing against Frosty, but I don’t think he could travel anywhere hot. Where as Rudolph could take me all around the world, not to mention he can fly- in the dark!

Aditi: Rudolph because then he could teach me how to fly!

Snow or no snow?

Dani: I love a white Christmas and seeing the snow, especially when it is freshly fallen. But I am not looking forward to driving in the snow!

Aditi: Snow or no snow, it really doesn’t matter too much for me. I love snow the first couple of times, then I get tired of the shoveling!
Christmas abroad or at home? 

Dani: I am traditional and love celebrating Christmas at home with friends and family!

Aditi: Home! Last year, I was in India with family the whole month of December and it wasn’t the same considering how it is always above 90 degrees there!

What was your favorite question? What would you rather do? This was a fun post to write, and we hope you enjoy it! Have a merry Christmas Eve!


Dani and Aditi

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